My dotfiles for i3-gaps managed with GNU/Stow
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This repository is a mess and I no longer use many of the configs here as I have switched to Wayland and Sway. My current (and much cleaner) dotfiles can be found here. I manage them with dotgit.


This is just a collection of my dotfiles. I manage them all with GNU stow

There is a setup script in the repo. Do not use it. There are like nine lines. It isn't even close to finished. If you want to finish it for me, go ahead and open a PR and I'll merge after review! 😁



  • Credit to my good friend, Ceda, for help with the wallpaper and theming script.
  • Credit to jibreil for some of his /bin scripts

Dr. Smith, a custom font

I have developed my own font based on my handwriting. It exceeds the requirements to be an Adobe Western Pro font having over 400 characters (not just the English alphabet and punctuation 😉) as well as many ligatures so it simulates my handwriting as closely as possible. If you don't want to dig into my files, this will take you to the .otf. If you've found something that doesn't work right, open an issue here and I'll get it fixed as soon as I can.

If you end up using Dr. Smith, please email me a screenshot and/or link and, if possible (without ruining the aesthetics), give me credit for my work and link to my website or dotfiles!



vim, bonsai, snerdy, panes

fullscreen vim with the Goyo plugin


Auto-theming i3-gaps on Arch

This is a link to a Peertube video that demonstrates the theming command that Ceda and I wrote. It gives you a random wallpaper and theme based on the wallpaper every time you run it. It also sends a notification telling you the path to the image and whether or not it's in your favourites (/Pictures/Wallpapers/Favourites). Once I have the time to write it, I'll add a part that opens a xenity window asking if you want to delete it, copy it to your favourites, or do nothing.

Notes for setting up future machines

Using Compose key for typing accented characters

Sets compose key to right control

setxkbmap -option compose:rctrl

View all the options

grep "compose:" /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/base.lst