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@ -53,6 +53,12 @@ fit your environment though.
* ~.ly~
These are [[https://lilypond.org/][LilyPond]] files! Haven't gotten into LilyPond much yet but I
know Emacs ships with a LilyPond mode built in so I will likely use
These are [[https://lilypond.org/][LilyPond]] files! LilyPond is /much/ more complicated than
ChordPro and will require some getting used to. I recommend just reading
through their official docs if you want to get set up and compile
anything found here.
If you're using Emacs and ~LilyPond.el~, you can simply run ~C-c C-c RET~ to
compile the PDF then ~C-c C-s~ to view it. If you /want/ to use Emacs and
~LilyPond.el~, you can reference [[https://git.nixnet.services/Amolith/dotfiles/src/branch/master/dotfiles/plain/emacs/.emacs.d/configuration.org#headline-62][the related section of my Emacs config