Just some music
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This is just a repository of music I've transcribed and arranged (maybe even written 👀) over the years. PDFs are not included so you'll have to read on if you want to use any of the files here


These are ChordPro files and must be "compiled" with the chordpro command or pasted into an online editor (if any exist).

Check the documentation for Windows and macOS installation guides; I have no idea what the best route is because I don't run either full-time. For Linux, I recommend using the version from your distribution's package manager. Arch Linux has it under chordpro and Debian has it under chordii.

Once installed, you can simply run chordpro file.cho and it will spit out a nicely styled PDF in the current working directory.


I have no idea how to configure the application on any platform other than Linux and that is accomplished by putting a JSON file in ~/.config/chordpro/chordpro.json. The following is my config and it uses JetBrains Mono because I find that to be a very readable typeface from further away. You'll of course need to edit all of the values so they fit your environment though.

    "pdf" : {
        "fontdir" : ["/home/amolith/.fonts/JetBrains/"],
        "fontconfig" : {
            "mono" : {
                ""           : "JetBrainsMono-Regular.ttf",
                "bold"       : "JetBrainsMono-Bold.ttf",
                "italic"     : "JetBrainsMono-Italic.ttf",
                "bolditalic" : "JetBrainsMono-Bold-Italic.ttf",
        "chorus" : {
            "bar" : {"width"  :  1,},
        "fonts" : {
            "title" : { "description" : "mono bold 23", },
            "chord" : { "description" : "mono bold 13", },
            "text" : { "description" : "mono 13", },
            "comment" : { "description" : "mono 13", },


These are LilyPond files! LilyPond is much more complicated than ChordPro and will require some getting used to. I recommend just reading through their official docs if you want to get set up and compile anything found here.

If you're using Emacs and LilyPond.el, you can simply run C-c C-c RET to compile the PDF then C-c C-s to view it. If you want to use Emacs and LilyPond.el, you can reference the related section of my Emacs config file.