Update Linux OMEMO key

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Amolith 2022-01-01 20:30:08 -05:00
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commit 6b37fd3304
Signed by: Amolith
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@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ manually verify the following fingerprints. Any other keys should be
marked as *untrusted*.
``` text
Linux: 255F4A69 D495194C B212BC26 00109E7C 5EC9815B 0505B1BB 6B58E077 42775A5A
Linux: BA0CFF1E 8BC2B80C E2217422 C7764706 0C35BD31 79E6EBAE C9D38999 A84E975B
Windows: 96844AC5 2555C9F5 A32E3217 DB1901A8 515A181B 913E2F43 3D36A94D 161A220E
Laptop: 3A5CFD35 A3F04287 34C46505 831E76E7 796FC1D8 658E644B 06912378 EE19B331
Mobile: DA543111 7214CCCC 3C87261A 056A61E3 1445FB6C EE5A0586 B2839A1C BE3E8A5D