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* secluded
This is just a repository for [[https://secluded.site][my website]].
Just a repository for [[https://secluded.site][my website]]. If you want the theme, it's been moved
to [[https://git.nixnet.services/Amolith/secluded-theme][a separate repository]]; see instructions there for use.
* Fonts & Licensing
The primary font in use at the moment is [[https://mbtype.com/fonts/heliotrope/][Heliotrope]], a beautiful font by
Matthew Butterick (author of [[https://practicaltypography.com/][Practical Typography]]). It lies somewhere in
between sans and serif and I love it. In the past, I've also used
[[https://mbtype.com/fonts/concourse][Concourse]], [[https://mbtype.com/fonts/triplicate][Triplicate]], and [[https://mbtype.com/fonts/valkyrie][Valkyrie]]. Unfortunately, they're all
proprietary fonts and can't be distributed in this repository; if you'd
like to use them, you'll need to purchase them from [[https://mbtype.com/][MBType.com]].
Everything else about the site was hand-created by me and is distributed
under the MIT license.