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* Refile
** Focus intentionally
I am too easily distracted. Sitting at my desk on an average day, I have movies,
TV shows, and YouTube videos, about a million different chat applications, my
email client, Steam, and a web browser with yet more chat apps plus social media
all within a couple keystrokes' reach. Along with whatever primary task I've set
out to do, I /also/ have a really chaotic brain and about a million other tasks
bouncing around in it.
Putting all of this together results in terrible productivity and incessant
procrastination If my primary task is something I'm less-than-motivated to
In a recent episode of /The Art of Manliness/, Brett McKay interviews Dr. BJ Fogg
about his new book, /Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything/. One
of Dr. Fogg's statements in this episode stuck with me; when training yourself
to adopt new behaviours, there are three things that must factors that determine
your success: motivation, ability, and a prompt. A prompt is just something that
reminds you of the behaviour you're trying to adopt. The act of brushing your
teeth might be the prompt for flossing. The act of flossing might be the prompt
for making coffee. In my situation, the prompt is just needing to get work done
so we'll ignore that factor. Ability refers to how simple you find the task and
motivation is how motivated you are to accomplish it. These last two must
balance each other out; if your motivation to complete the task is low, your
ability must be high — the task must be easy, while if your ability is low, your
motivation must be rather high.
*** Notes
- Close primary browser with a million tabs open and use Epiphany
- Close all the chat apps
- Disable notifications/enable Do Not Disturb mode on /both/ your phone /and/
- Take off your smart/fitness watch
- If you listen to music, make it something calming, not eclectic
*** References
- [[][The Art of Manliness: Become a Focused Monotasker]]
- [[][The Art of Manliness: The Tiny Habits That Change Everything]]
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** DONE (Ab)using mesh networks for easy remote support :Mesh__networking:Open__source:Remote__support:
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*** TODO Pong Jake when finished
** TODO Setting LXC up for local "cloud" development
** TODO Stop using Gmail!
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** TODO Homeschooling
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