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export WEBROOT=public
hugo --cleanDestinationDir
fd --exact-depth 3 --no-ignore-vcs '.md' -x pandoc -f markdown -t pdf --lua-filter=pandoc_config/images.lua --pdf-engine=xelatex -V 'linkcolor:blue' --listings -H pandoc_config/styles.tex {} -o public/{/.}/{/.}.pdf
fd --exact-depth 3 --no-ignore-vcs '.md' -x pandoc -f markdown -t epub3 --lua-filter=pandoc_config/images.lua --pdf-engine=xelatex -V 'linkcolor:blue' --listings -H pandoc_config/styles.tex {} -o public/{/.}/{/.}.epub
fd --exact-depth 3 --no-ignore-vcs '.md' -x pandoc -f markdown -t plain --lua-filter=pandoc_config/images.lua {} -o public/{/.}/{/.}.txt
rsync -avmzz public/ hel1:/var/www/secluded/