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13 years ago
st \- simple terminal
.B st
.RB [ \-c
.IR class ]
.RB [ \-g
.IR geometry ]
.RB [ \-t
.IR title ]
.RB [ \-w
.IR windowid ]
13 years ago
.RB [ \-v ]
.RB [ \-f
.IR file ]
.RB [ \-e
.IR command ...]
13 years ago
.B st
is a simple terminal emulator.
.BI \-t " title"
defines the window title (default 'st').
13 years ago
.BI \-c " class"
defines the window class (default $TERM).
.BI \-w " windowid"
embeds st within the window identified by
.I windowid
.B \-g " geometry"
defines the X11 geometry string, which will fixate the height and width of st.
.B \-v
prints version information to stderr, then exits.
.BI \-f " file"
writes all the I/O to
.I file
.BI \-e " program " [ " arguments " "... ]"
st executes
.I program
instead of the shell. If this is used it
.B must be the last option
on the command line, as in xterm / rxvt.