Check for presence of SHELL environment variable

- POSIX states the SHELL environment variable "... shall represent a
  pathname of the user's preferred command language interpreter." As
  such, st should check for its presence when deciding what shell to
  use; just as HOME can be defined to override one's passwd-defined home
  directory, a user should also be able to override their passwd-defined
  shell using the SHELL environment variable.
Eric Pruitt 8 years ago committed by Roberto E. Vargas Caballero
parent 11625c7166
commit bafbba56cd

@ -1158,7 +1158,10 @@ execsh(void) {
die("who are you?\n");
sh = (pw->pw_shell[0]) ? pw->pw_shell : shell;
if (!(sh = getenv("SHELL"))) {
sh = (pw->pw_shell[0]) ? pw->pw_shell : shell;
prog = opt_cmd[0];
else if(utmp)