Templates for the Supernote A5X (and others)
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Supernote Templates

These are templates made for the Supernote A5X but they should work with most of the Supernote devices. Some of the templates use proprietary fonts from MBType; you'll need to choose your own fonts for those and probably do some tweaking to make sure they display right.

Using the SVGs

If you've never worked with SVG files before, you'll need a vector graphics application such as Inkscape. It's one of the best open source options and I highly recommend it.

To download a file, browse to the one you're interested in, click Raw in the top right, right-click the page, Save as, and save it to somewhere on your computer. Open it in Inkscape, press Ctrl + Shift + E to open the export dialogue, make sure Page is selected for the Export area, set the Image size1, pick somewhere on your computer to save it to, make sure the file ends in .png, and click Export!


These templates are licensed under MIT.


1The Supernote A5X and a few of the other devices use 1404x1872.