9412 Commits (dev)

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litetex f681b0bb5a
Merge pull request #7648 from mhmdanas/small-refactors 1 day ago
XiangRongLin d7fbddf6f8
Merge pull request #7668 from litetex/fix-video-reset-on-player-switch 1 day ago
mhmdanas 402990dd9d Fix false warning 1 week ago
litetex 41faf70da1 Workaround: Set recovery before switching player 3 days ago
litetex 15e3b6301c
Merge pull request #7662 from TiA4f8R/fix-npe-share-button-playlists 4 days ago
XiangRongLin 5b9c28b93b
Replace JUnit asserts with AssertJ in HistoryRecordManagerTest (#7654) 5 days ago
TiA4f8R 6672169707
Fix NullPointerException when sharing a playlist which is loading 5 days ago
XiangRongLin 9ff1baefde
Merge pull request #7636 from litetex/show-ci-android-test-failures 2 weeks ago
litetex 552734faa5
CI: Upload test-report when an error occurs 2 weeks ago
Stypox 1475ff805f
Merge pull request #7619 from litetex/removed-list_thumbnail_view_description 2 weeks ago
Stypox 7907182e7e
Merge pull request #7036 from Douile/fix/queue-metadata 2 weeks ago
litetex 0f457127df Removed "list_thumbnail_view_description" 2 weeks ago
Douile 064242d962
Remove unecessary interface InfoCallback 2 weeks ago
litetex ddcbe27fd3
Fixed search not accepting key input after closing player overlay (#7607) 2 weeks ago
litetex ee19ea66b3
Merge pull request #7568 from vhouriet/vhouriet_feature_already-playing-in-backgroud 3 weeks ago
litetex 6b490ee547
Merge pull request #7582 from Jaspann/sub-channel-tumbnail-view-fix 3 weeks ago
litetex e127697fff
Merge pull request #7589 from litetex/bump-extractor 3 weeks ago
Jaspann 558c9147a2 Move sub icon visibility line 3 weeks ago
litetex 4147c7c1d1 Updated NewPipeExtractor 3 weeks ago
Tobi 45ef9b0278
Merge pull request #7577 from dkramer95/feature/pinned-comment 3 weeks ago
litetex fc0e709817
Fixed usage of wrong string 4 weeks ago
litetex b67bf16d4f
Minified code 4 weeks ago
William Parker fb3be544ce
Fixed code styling 4 weeks ago
Jaspann 53f5741317 Fixes view of sub-channel icon when not in use 4 weeks ago
David Kramer 07015973d2 Added ability to see pinned comment 4 weeks ago
Tobi 215880207e
Merge pull request #7562 from TeamNewPipe/code-quality 4 weeks ago
TobiGr 41c4ab5739 Merge branch 'master' into dev 4 weeks ago
TobiGr ff8868f6a3 NewPipe version 0.21.15 (981) 4 weeks ago
Robin 8c6e37d1d1 Disable media tunneling on Philips QM16XE 2 months ago
litetex c90237c14c Removed/Reverted MediaParser support (Android 11+) due to bugs 1 month ago
vhouriet 989bcbf895 Add Already playing in background toast 4 weeks ago
XiangRongLin 19dd9d266a
Merge pull request #6855 from TeamNewPipe/fix/inspection 4 weeks ago
XiangRongLin 05370dbb94
Merge pull request #7556 from Jaspann/improve-hashtags 4 weeks ago
TobiGr f3edc69897 Fix incorrect link in Japanese README 6 months ago
Robin f6cad2d9cf
Merge pull request #7555 from litetex/remove-mediaparser 4 weeks ago
XiangRongLin dc67628ba5 Log test-android CI job in stacktrace mode 1 month ago
TobiGr 37b8a9375f Small improvements to code quality and readability 1 month ago
TobiGr d71af9a625 Introduce constants for some Strings that indicate no data in Tab class 1 month ago
TobiGr a163d5461d Make PlayerHolder.bound private 1 month ago
Jaspann a274baf5cd Adds comment to HASHTAGS_PATTERN 1 month ago
XiangRongLin 96eb1425f8
Merge pull request #7552 from XiangRongLin/readd_sonar 1 month ago
Jaspann 361760be0a Allows multilingual support in hashtags 1 month ago
litetex eea2768633 Removed/Reverted MediaParser support (Android 11+) due to bugs 1 month ago
Robin d3562c70f5
Merge pull request #7451 from Cheechaii/respect-cutout-in-multiwindow 1 month ago
XiangRongLin e06342eacf Readd sonar CI job 1 month ago
litetex e8d909553d
Merge pull request #7499 from TacoTheDank/bumpVersions 1 month ago
litetex b21d231e3a
Merge pull request #7452 from litetex/show-alert-when-file-manager-not-found 1 month ago
litetex 4058277b7a
Merge pull request #7482 from TeamNewPipe/unify-error-reporting 1 month ago
XiangRongLin dd9772cde2
Merge pull request #7491 from Stypox/fix-search-order 1 month ago
TacoTheDank a924f819a9 Update a bunch of libraries 1 month ago