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nikita.artikhovich a4724fec4a
Add download option to long-press menu 5 months ago
Stypox 0e5580390f
Merge pull request #8468 from TacoTheDank/cleanProguard 5 months ago
Stypox acc34cb618
Merge pull request #8549 from chr56/langcode_zh-rCN 5 months ago
chr_56 d033a6e40d
Fix lang code 2/2: rename b+zh+HANS+CN to zh-rCN 5 months ago
chr_56 4fd8294b09
Fix lang code 1/2: remove localization zh-rCN 5 months ago
Hosted Weblate 8d26d9da46
Translated using Weblate (Greek) 5 months ago
Stypox d81607c9d5
Merge branch 'master' into dev 5 months ago
Stypox 5ac71e0579
Merge pull request #8547 from TeamNewPipe/release-0.23.1 5 months ago
Hosted Weblate d04ecbcb0a
Translated using Weblate (Kazakh) 5 months ago
Stypox e4987d9a59
Update NewPipeExtractor again 5 months ago
litetex 155c6e94a3
Use correct ``NonNull`` 5 months ago
litetex 4e285a4e70
Fix compile errors 5 months ago
litetex 9c00e681bb
Updated extractor to latest revision 5 months ago
Stypox 81369d7e04
Merge pull request #8531 from litetex/fix-extractor-compile-errors-846 5 months ago
Stypox 160891592b
Merge pull request #8564 from Stypox/fix-view-count 5 months ago
Stypox 45d2492bcb
Run CI on all release branches (#8565) 5 months ago
Stypox 085d1e0d38
Actually fix wrong view count 5 months ago
opusforlife2 d5985be94a
Made some much needed changes to the ReadMe (#8372) 5 months ago
Stypox 4ee1cd5826
Release v0.23.1 (987) 5 months ago
Stypox dc7fce86a5
Add changelog for v0.23.1 (987) 5 months ago
Hosted Weblate 10c9661369
Translated using Weblate (Bengali) 5 months ago
litetex ad97b3d995 Use correct ``NonNull`` 5 months ago
litetex 04e8e03d8f Fix compile errors 5 months ago
litetex bd19013771 Updated extractor to latest revision 5 months ago
Stypox 3901ffca17
Merge pull request #8153 from AudricV/delivery-methods-v2 5 months ago
AudricV cbd3308da6
Ensure that progressive contents are URL contents for playback 5 months ago
Stypox 0ad6b3b88e
Improve download_dialog.xml unsupported streams notice 5 months ago
Stypox 4e87f5aabc
Remove misleading first "Non" from getNonUrlAndNonTorrentStreams 5 months ago
Stypox 2019af831a
Refactor PlaybackResolver and fix cacheKeyOf 5 months ago
Stypox 1e076ea63d
Wrap debug log in if(DEBUG) 5 months ago
Stypox 4863084fa2
Improve code in VideoDetailFragment 5 months ago
Stypox 7ba79171c7
Refactor creation of DownloadDialog 5 months ago
AudricV e3c2aea3cc
Fix playback of non-URI HLS streams 6 months ago
AudricV 21c9530e8b
Throw a dedicated exception when errors occur in PlaybackResolver 6 months ago
AudricV 036196a487
Filter streams using Java 8 Stream's API instead of removing streams with list iterators and add a better toast when there is no audio stream for external players 6 months ago
AudricV 73855cacb7
Use StreamTypeUtil where possible and add isAudio and isVideo to this utility class 6 months ago
Stypox 8dad6d7e1c
Code improvements here and there 6 months ago
Stypox e5ffa2aa09
Add comments to PlaybackResolver and remove useless @NonNull 6 months ago
Stypox 8445c381c5
Use DownloaderImpl.USER_AGENT directly 6 months ago
Stypox fa46b7bf85
Add comments and use downloader user agent in YT data source 6 months ago
Stypox 7ce2250d85
Improve CacheFactory and PlayerDataSource code 6 months ago
Stypox ef20d9b91a
Move stream's cache key generation in PlaybackResolver and improve PlaybackResolver's code 6 months ago
AudricV fbee310261
Move SimpleCache creation in PlayerDataSource to avoid an IllegalStateException 6 months ago
AudricV 7d6bf4b0ca
Improve dialog of streams for external players and fix use of the wrong codec in the list of available streams in it after a codec change in Video and Audio settings 6 months ago
AudricV 210834fbe9
Add support of other delivery methods than progressive HTTP (in the player only) 6 months ago
TacoTheDank 24cf19710f Clean up proguard file 6 months ago
Stypox a59660f421
Merge pull request #8340 from litetex/fix-add-to-playlist 6 months ago
litetex be5af0b777 Made statusbar color transparent for RouterActivity (Android 5+) 6 months ago
Stypox 75e5fe7d27
Merge pull request #8404 from Isira-Seneviratne/Use_AppCompatResources 6 months ago
litetex 2985258074 Bonus fix: Made ``single_choice_dialog_view`` scrollable + use viewbinding 6 months ago