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<?xml version="1.0"?>
"-//Checkstyle//DTD Checkstyle Configuration 1.3//EN"
<module name="Checker">
If you set the basedir property below, then all reported file
names will be relative to the specified directory. See
<property name="basedir" value="${basedir}"/>
<property name="severity" value="error"/>
<property name="fileExtensions" value="java, properties, xml"/>
<!-- Excludes all '' files -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="BeforeExecutionExclusionFileFilter">
<property name="fileNamePattern" value="module\-info\.java$"/>
<!-- -->
<module name="SuppressionFilter">
<property name="file" value="${config_loc}/suppressions.xml" />
<property name="optional" value="true"/>
<!-- Checks that a file exists for each package. -->
<!-- See -->
<!--<module name="JavadocPackage"/>-->
<!-- Checks whether files end with a new line. -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="NewlineAtEndOfFile"/>
<!-- Checks that property files contain the same keys. -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="Translation"/>
<!-- Checks for Size Violations. -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="FileLength"/>
<module name="LineLength">
<property name="max" value="100"/>
<property name="fileExtensions" value="java"/>
<!-- Checks for whitespace -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="FileTabCharacter"/>
<!-- Miscellaneous other checks. -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="RegexpSingleline">
<property name="format" value="\s+$"/>
<property name="minimum" value="0"/>
<property name="maximum" value="0"/>
<property name="message" value="Line has trailing spaces."/>
<!-- Checks for Headers -->
<!-- See -->
<!-- <module name="Header"> -->
<!-- <property name="headerFile" value="${checkstyle.header.file}"/> -->
<!-- <property name="fileExtensions" value="java"/> -->
<!-- </module> -->
<module name="SuppressWarningsFilter" />
<module name="TreeWalker">
<!-- Checks for Javadoc comments. -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="InvalidJavadocPosition"/>
<module name="JavadocMethod"/>
<module name="JavadocType"/>
<!--<module name="JavadocVariable"/>-->
<module name="JavadocStyle"/>
<!--<module name="MissingJavadocMethod"/>-->
<!-- Checks for Naming Conventions. -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="ConstantName"/>
<module name="LocalFinalVariableName"/>
<module name="LocalVariableName"/>
<module name="MemberName">
<property name="format" value="^(TAG|DEBUG|[a-z][a-zA-Z0-9]*)$"/>
<module name="MethodName"/>
<module name="PackageName"/>
<module name="ParameterName"/>
<module name="StaticVariableName"/>
<module name="TypeName"/>
<!-- Checks for imports -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="AvoidStarImport"/>
<module name="IllegalImport"/> <!-- defaults to sun.* packages -->
<module name="RedundantImport"/>
<module name="UnusedImports"/>
<!-- Checks for Size Violations. -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="MethodLength">
<property name="severity" value="warning"/>
<module name="ParameterNumber">
<property name="severity" value="warning"/>
<!-- Checks for whitespace -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="EmptyForIteratorPad"/>
<module name="GenericWhitespace"/>
<module name="MethodParamPad"/>
<module name="NoWhitespaceAfter"/>
<module name="NoWhitespaceBefore"/>
<module name="OperatorWrap"/>
<module name="ParenPad"/>
<module name="TypecastParenPad"/>
<module name="WhitespaceAfter"/>
<module name="WhitespaceAround"/>
<!-- Modifier Checks -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="ModifierOrder"/>
<module name="RedundantModifier"/>
<!-- Checks for blocks. You know, those {}'s -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="AvoidNestedBlocks"/>
<module name="EmptyBlock"/>
<module name="LeftCurly"/>
<module name="NeedBraces"/>
<module name="RightCurly"/>
<!-- Checks for common coding problems -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="EmptyStatement"/>
<module name="EqualsHashCode">
<property name="severity" value="warning"/>
<module name="HiddenField">
<property name="ignoreConstructorParameter" value="true"/>
<property name="ignoreSetter" value="true"/>
<module name="IllegalInstantiation"/>
<module name="InnerAssignment"/>
<!--<module name="MagicNumber"/>-->
<!--<module name="MissingSwitchDefault">
<property name="severity" value="warning"/>
<module name="MultipleVariableDeclarations"/>
<module name="SimplifyBooleanExpression"/>
<module name="SimplifyBooleanReturn"/>
<module name="FinalLocalVariable">
<property name="tokens" value="VARIABLE_DEF,PARAMETER_DEF"/>
<property name="validateEnhancedForLoopVariable" value="true"/>
<!-- Checks for class design -->
<!-- See -->
<!--<module name="DesignForExtension"/>-->
<module name="FinalClass"/>
<module name="HideUtilityClassConstructor"/>
<module name="InterfaceIsType"/>
<!--<module name="VisibilityModifier">
<property name="ignoreAnnotationCanonicalNames" value="State,ColumnInfo"/>
<property name="severity" value="warning"/>
<!-- Miscellaneous other checks. -->
<!-- See -->
<module name="ArrayTypeStyle"/>
<module name="FinalParameters"/>
<!--<module name="TodoComment">
<property name="format" value="(TODO:|FIXME:)"/>
<property name="severity" value="warning"/>
<module name="UpperEll"/>
<module name="SuppressWarningsHolder" />