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2 years ago
# Collaborators
This is a list of the collaborators of the project and their major contributions. See the [Changelog]( for more details.
You can also find lists of all [contributors of yt-dlp](CONTRIBUTORS) and [authors of youtube-dl](
## [pukkandan](
* Owner of the fork
## [shirt](
2 years ago
* Multithreading (`-N`) and aria2c support for fragment downloads
* Support for media initialization and discontinuity in HLS
* The self-updater (`-U`)
## [coletdjnz](
* YouTube improvements including: age-gate bypass, private playlists, multiple-clients (to avoid throttling) and a lot of under-the-hood improvements
* Added support for downloading YoutubeWebArchive videos
* Added support for new websites MainStreaming, PRX, nzherald, etc
2 years ago
## [Ashish0804](
* Added support for new websites BiliIntl, DiscoveryPlusIndia, OlympicsReplay, PlanetMarathi, ShemarooMe, Utreon, Zee5 etc
* Added playlist/series downloads for Hotstar, ParamountPlus, Rumble, SonyLIV, Trovo, TubiTv, Voot etc
* Improved/fixed support for HiDive, HotStar, Hungama, LBRY, LinkedInLearning, Mxplayer, SonyLiv, TV2, Vimeo, VLive etc
## [Lesmiscore]( (nao20010128nao)
**Bitcoin**: bc1qfd02r007cutfdjwjmyy9w23rjvtls6ncve7r3s
**Monacoin**: mona1q3tf7dzvshrhfe3md379xtvt2n22duhglv5dskr
* Download live from start to end for YouTube
* Added support for new websites mildom, PixivSketch, skeb, radiko, voicy, mirrativ, openrec, whowatch, damtomo,, mixch etc