20593 Commits (master)

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Lesmiscore 8a3e7b1c95
[yahoo:gyao] Fix extractor 8 hours ago
pukkandan d9473db78a
[ModifyChapters] Fix repeated removal of small segments 15 hours ago
pukkandan 11233f2afd
[downloader, cleanup] Refactor `report_progress` 1 day ago
pukkandan 3a85e9cee9
[ffmpeg] Check version lazily 1 day ago
pukkandan c4a62b99f6
Fix bug in 23326151c4 2 days ago
pukkandan b5899f4f19
[build, cleanup] Refactor 2 days ago
Felix S 92922fe7f9
[rumble] Extract subtitles (#3823) 3 days ago
pukkandan c487cf0010
[cleanup] Misc 3 days ago
pukkandan 415f8d51a8
Ensure pre-processor errors do not block video download 3 days ago
pukkandan ca6d59d2c1
Fix `--simulate --max-downloads` 3 days ago
pukkandan 1a8cc83735
Bugfix for 3a408f9d19 3 days ago
pukkandan 2762dbb17e
[compat] Add `functools.cached_property` 3 days ago
pukkandan 666c36d58d
Bugfix for 23326151c4 3 days ago
adamanldo 854b0d325e
[StreamCZ] Fix extractor (#3789) 4 days ago
Elyse 79c318937b
[ina] Fix extractor (#3807) 4 days ago
Jeff Huffman 88d62206b4
[crunchyroll:beta] Fix extractor after API change (#3801) 4 days ago
pukkandan e79969b242
Return an error code if update fails 4 days ago
pukkandan 53973b4d2c
[utils] Fix bug in 0b9c08b47b 4 days ago
pukkandan b801cd7179
[tiktok] Detect embeds 4 days ago
pukkandan 0b9c08b47b
[utils] Improve performance using `functools.cache` 4 days ago
pukkandan 2f97cc615b
[utils] `ISO3166Utils`: Add `EU` and `AP` 4 days ago
pukkandan 2dd5a2e3a1
[doc, cleanup] Re-indent "Usage and Options" section 4 days ago
pukkandan 23326151c4
Add option --retry-sleep (#3059) 4 days ago
pukkandan 9e49146352
Add option `--alias` 4 days ago
github-actions 926ccc84ef [version] update 6 days ago
pukkandan b14d523558
Release 2022.05.18 6 days ago
pukkandan 21633673c3
[cleanup] Minor fixes 6 days ago
pukkandan 80e8493ee7
[utils] `is_html`: Handle double BOM 6 days ago
pukkandan aedaa455d9
[vimeo] Fix extractors 6 days ago
pukkandan d6bf1161db
[generic] Refactor `_extract_rss` 6 days ago
pukkandan 7896214c42
Bugfix for 591bb9d355 6 days ago
pukkandan 5792c950bf
[compat] Implement `compat.imghdr` 6 days ago
pukkandan 7a96d0b39c
[build] More test-runners 6 days ago
pukkandan 591bb9d355
Fix color in `-q -F` 7 days ago
coletdjnz 5faf6528fb
[http] Fix bug in retrying on read timeout in py < 3.10 1 week ago
pukkandan 0fa7d2c8e4
Bugfix for 2414649192 1 week ago
pukkandan b2a2d91310
[adobepass] Allow cookies for authenticating MSO 1 week ago
pukkandan 490110c543
`--max-downloads` should obey `--break-per-input` 1 week ago
pukkandan 2414649192
[cleanup] Misc cleanup 1 week ago
pukkandan 5d5c0f7e99
[Hotstar] Bugfix for a1ddaa899c 1 week ago
MrRawes b4d3738338
[build] Add `make uninstall` (#3747) 1 week ago
Dzmitry Neviadomski 3ac7b66047
[goodgame] Add extractor (#3686) 1 week ago
P-reducible c9b2b368b3
[rokfin:search] Add extractor (#2992) 1 week ago
pukkandan e037c405ad
[rokfin] Implement login (#2992) 1 week ago
Conner 4bf72cc1c9
[Podchaser] Add extractors (#3665) 1 week ago
Elyse 25f0e68f97
[wat] Fix extraction of multi-language videos and subtitles (#3739) 1 week ago
Elyse 3358f89361
[adn] Update AES key (#3743) 1 week ago
Henrik Heimbuerger f3b3fe16af
[nebula] Add support for subscriptions (#3719) 1 week ago
Jordan Weatherby d1c4f6d4da
[youtube] Added piped instance urls (#3714) 2 weeks ago
pukkandan 82d020804d
[extractor] Use classmethod/property where possible 2 weeks ago