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all: lazy-extractors yt-dlp doc pypi-files
clean: clean-test clean-dist
clean-all: clean clean-cache
completions: completion-bash completion-fish completion-zsh
doc: issuetemplates supportedsites
ot: offlinetest
tar: yt-dlp.tar.gz
# Keep this list in sync with
# intended use: when building a source distribution,
# make pypi-files && python sdist
pypi-files: AUTHORS LICENSE README.txt supportedsites \
completions yt-dlp.1 requirements.txt setup.cfg devscripts/* test/*
.PHONY: all clean install test tar pypi-files completions ot offlinetest codetest supportedsites
rm -rf test/testdata/sigs/player-*.js tmp/ *.annotations.xml *.aria2 *.description *.dump *.frag \
*.frag.aria2 *.frag.urls *.info.json *.live_chat.json *.meta *.part* *.tmp *.temp *.unknown_video *.ytdl \
*.3gp *.ape *.ass *.avi *.desktop *.f4v *.flac *.flv *.gif *.jpeg *.jpg *.m4a *.m4v *.mhtml *.mkv *.mov *.mp3 \
*.mp4 *.mpga *.oga *.ogg *.opus *.png *.sbv *.srt *.swf *.swp *.tt *.ttml *.url *.vtt *.wav *.webloc *.webm *.webp
rm -rf yt-dlp.1 README.txt MANIFEST build/ dist/ .coverage cover/ yt-dlp.tar.gz completions/ \
yt_dlp/extractor/ *.spec yt-dlp yt-dlp.exe yt_dlp.egg-info/ AUTHORS .mailmap
find . \( \
-type d -name .pytest_cache -o -type d -name __pycache__ -o -name "*.pyc" -o -name "*.class" \
\) -prune -exec rm -rf {} \;
completion-bash: completions/bash/yt-dlp
completion-fish: completions/fish/
completion-zsh: completions/zsh/_yt-dlp
lazy-extractors: yt_dlp/extractor/
PREFIX ?= /usr/local
PYTHON ?= /usr/bin/env python3
# set SYSCONFDIR to /etc if PREFIX=/usr or PREFIX=/usr/local
SYSCONFDIR = $(shell if [ $(PREFIX) = /usr -o $(PREFIX) = /usr/local ]; then echo /etc; else echo $(PREFIX)/etc; fi)
# set markdown input format to "markdown-smart" for pandoc version 2 and to "markdown" for pandoc prior to version 2
MARKDOWN = $(shell if [ `pandoc -v | head -n1 | cut -d" " -f2 | head -c1` = "2" ]; then echo markdown-smart; else echo markdown; fi)
install: lazy-extractors yt-dlp yt-dlp.1 completions
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)
install -m755 yt-dlp $(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)/yt-dlp
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man1
install -m644 yt-dlp.1 $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man1/yt-dlp.1
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)/bash-completion/completions
install -m644 completions/bash/yt-dlp $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)/bash-completion/completions/yt-dlp
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)/zsh/site-functions
install -m644 completions/zsh/_yt-dlp $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)/zsh/site-functions/_yt-dlp
mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)/fish/vendor_completions.d
install -m644 completions/fish/ $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)/fish/vendor_completions.d/
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)/yt-dlp
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(MANDIR)/man1/yt-dlp.1
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)/bash-completion/completions/yt-dlp
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)/zsh/site-functions/_yt-dlp
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(SHAREDIR)/fish/vendor_completions.d/
flake8 .
$(PYTHON) -m pytest
$(MAKE) codetest
offlinetest: codetest
$(PYTHON) -m pytest -k "not download"
# XXX: This is hard to maintain
CODE_FOLDERS = yt_dlp yt_dlp/downloader yt_dlp/extractor yt_dlp/postprocessor yt_dlp/compat yt_dlp/dependencies
yt-dlp: yt_dlp/*.py yt_dlp/*/*.py
mkdir -p zip
for d in $(CODE_FOLDERS) ; do \
mkdir -p zip/$$d ;\
cp -pPR $$d/*.py zip/$$d/ ;\
touch -t 200001010101 zip/yt_dlp/*.py zip/yt_dlp/*/*.py
mv zip/yt_dlp/ zip/
cd zip ; zip -q ../yt-dlp yt_dlp/*.py yt_dlp/*/*.py
rm -rf zip
echo '#!$(PYTHON)' > yt-dlp
cat >> yt-dlp
chmod a+x yt-dlp yt_dlp/*.py yt_dlp/*/*.py devscripts/
COLUMNS=80 $(PYTHON) yt_dlp/ --ignore-config --help | $(PYTHON) devscripts/ devscripts/
$(PYTHON) devscripts/
issuetemplates: devscripts/ .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/1_broken_site.yml .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/2_site_support_request.yml .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/3_site_feature_request.yml .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/4_bug_report.yml .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/5_feature_request.yml yt_dlp/
$(PYTHON) devscripts/ .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/1_broken_site.yml .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/1_broken_site.yml
$(PYTHON) devscripts/ .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/2_site_support_request.yml .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/2_site_support_request.yml
$(PYTHON) devscripts/ .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/3_site_feature_request.yml .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/3_site_feature_request.yml
$(PYTHON) devscripts/ .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/4_bug_report.yml .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/4_bug_report.yml
$(PYTHON) devscripts/ .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/5_feature_request.yml .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/5_feature_request.yml
$(PYTHON) devscripts/ .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE_tmpl/6_question.yml .github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE/6_question.yml
$(PYTHON) devscripts/
pandoc -f $(MARKDOWN) -t plain -o README.txt
yt-dlp.1: devscripts/
$(PYTHON) devscripts/
pandoc -s -f $(MARKDOWN) -t man -o yt-dlp.1
rm -f
completions/bash/yt-dlp: yt_dlp/*.py yt_dlp/*/*.py devscripts/
mkdir -p completions/bash
$(PYTHON) devscripts/
completions/zsh/_yt-dlp: yt_dlp/*.py yt_dlp/*/*.py devscripts/
mkdir -p completions/zsh
$(PYTHON) devscripts/
completions/fish/ yt_dlp/*.py yt_dlp/*/*.py devscripts/
mkdir -p completions/fish
$(PYTHON) devscripts/
_EXTRACTOR_FILES = $(shell find yt_dlp/extractor -name '*.py' -and -not -name '')
yt_dlp/extractor/ devscripts/ devscripts/ $(_EXTRACTOR_FILES)
$(PYTHON) devscripts/ $@
yt-dlp.tar.gz: all
@tar -czf yt-dlp.tar.gz --transform "s|^|yt-dlp/|" --owner 0 --group 0 \
--exclude '*.DS_Store' \
--exclude '*.kate-swp' \
--exclude '*.pyc' \
--exclude '*.pyo' \
--exclude '*~' \
--exclude '__pycache__' \
--exclude '.pytest_cache' \
--exclude '.git' \
Makefile yt-dlp.1 README.txt completions \ setup.cfg yt-dlp yt_dlp requirements.txt \
devscripts test
AUTHORS: .mailmap
git shortlog -s -n | cut -f2 | sort > AUTHORS
git shortlog -s -e -n | awk '!(out[$$NF]++) { $$1="";sub(/^[ \t]+/,""); print}' > .mailmap