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One of the easiest ways to support NixNet is to purchase products on these websites using the provided affiliate links.
# Hetzner
[Hetzner]( is where the majority of NixNet is currently running. They have some incredibly reliable VPSes at wonderful prices in addition to baremetal machines available for rent and colocation services. I very highly recommend them. Using the link below will give users €20 in cloud credit (for their VPS plans). Once you've spent at least €10 (not including those credits), we'll receive €10 to cover our own expenses.
* [ckGrk4J45WdN](
# netcup
[netcup]( is currently where the most services are running. They have fantastic offerings at most price points and incredible deals. I've been very happy with their service and *highly* recommend them.
[netcup]( is where NixNet *used* to run. They have great offerings at insane price points but we did have some unresolved bandwidth reliability issues and that's what caused the move to Hetzner. They're a good provider but I don't know that I would recommend them for terribly important services with heavy bandwidth requirements.
* 5€ for new customers - applies to everything except domains
* [36nc15758387844](
If you want a discount for any of netcup's other products (except the G9 VPS series), let me know and I'll generate a single-use voucher; these range from 10%-30% off.
# BuyVM
All of my [DNS resolvers](, [Tor exits](/tor-nodes), and [LibreSpeed]( backends are on servers from [BuyVM]( I have had some issues with mounted media and, more recently, the Anycast IP addresses for DNS but, in general, it's a high-quality provider with excellent customer support.