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@ -13,8 +13,7 @@ You can also navigate to [xmpp.nixnet.xyz/register/](https://xmpp.nixnet.xyz/reg
# Registration - Tor
If you want to use my XMPP server over Tor, make sure you first start/enable the Tor service:
$ sudo systemtl start tor.service
$ sudo systemtl enable tor.service
$ sudo systemctl enable --now tor.service
After that, there are a few settings you'll have to change depending on your client. I use [Gajim](https://gajim.org) on Linux so I'll explain how to do it with that.

@ -4,16 +4,16 @@
"organizationType" : "Informal collective",
"name" : "NixNet",
"tagLine" : "Freedom served with a slice of liberty",
"homeUrl" : "https://nixnet.xyz",
"logo" : "https://nixnet.xyz/logo.png",
"homeUrl" : "https://nixnet.services",
"logo" : "https://nixnet.services/logo.png",
"description": "My goal is to make the internet a safer and more private place by running libre software services and making them publicly available to anyone completely free of charge.",
"communicationLanguages": ["en"],
"contactUrl": "https://nixnet.xyz/contact",
"privacyPolicyUrl" : "https://nixnet.xyz/privacy/",
"contactUrl": "https://nixnet.services/contact",
"privacyPolicyUrl" : "https://nixnet.services/privacy/",
"termsOfServiceUrl" : "-",
"isServiceProvider" : true,
"foundingDate": "2018",
"version": "0.0.1",
"dateCreated": "2018-12-28T18:29:54Z",
"dateModified": "2019-06-29T12:58Z"
"dateModified": "2019-11-24T01:14Z"