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layout: page
title: DNS
description: Uncensored public DNS servers running on NixNet
subtitle: Uncensored public DNS servers
description: Public and unlogged DNS servers with Anycast, DoT, and DoH running on NixNet
subtitle: Public but private DNS
permalink: /dns/
cover: /assets/pages/dns.png

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"name": "Nitter",
"description": "Nitter is an open source alternative frontend to Twitter without the tracking, javascript or ads. You can view profiles, tweets, videos, stats, etc. It was inspired by Invidious.",
"button_text": "View!",
"link": "",
"name": "Plume",
"description": "Plume is an open source and federated blogging platform that can be interacted with and followed from any social network powered by ActivityPub including Mastodon and others!",
"button_text": "Write!",