An ebooks bot for mastodon and pleroma. Forked from
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
import mastodon
import re, json, argparse
import functions
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Reply service. Leave running in the background.')
'-c', '--cfg', dest='cfg', default='config.json', nargs='?',
help="Specify a custom location for config.json.")
args = parser.parse_args()
cfg = json.load(open(args.cfg, 'r'))
client = mastodon.Mastodon(
def extract_toot(toot):
text = functions.extract_toot(toot)
text = re.sub(r"^@[^@]+@[^ ]+\s*", r"", text) # remove the initial mention
text = text.lower() # treat text as lowercase for easier keyword matching (if this bot uses it)
return text
class ReplyListener(mastodon.StreamListener):
def on_notification(self, notification): # listen for notifications
if notification['type'] == 'mention': # if we're mentioned:
acct = "@" + notification['account']['acct'] # get the account's @
post_id = notification['status']['id']
# check if we've already been participating in this thread
context = client.status_context(post_id)
print("failed to fetch thread context")
me = client.account_verify_credentials()['id']
posts = 0
for post in context['ancestors']:
if post['account']['id'] == me:
pin = post["id"] # Only used if pin is called, but easier to call here
posts += 1
if posts >= cfg['max_thread_length']:
# stop replying
print("didn't reply (max_thread_length exceeded)")
mention = extract_toot(notification['status']['content'])
if (mention == "pin") or (mention == "unpin"): # check for keywords
print("Found pin/unpin")
# get a list of people the bot is following
validusers = client.account_following(me)
for user in validusers:
if user["id"] == notification["account"]["id"]: # user is #valid
print("User is valid")
visibility = notification['status']['visibility']
if visibility == "public":
visibility = "unlisted"
if mention == "pin":
print("pin received, pinning")
client.status_post("Toot pinned!", post_id, visibility=visibility, spoiler_text=cfg['cw'])
print("unpin received, unpinning")
client.status_post("Toot unpinned!", post_id, visibility=visibility, spoiler_text=cfg['cw'])
print("User is not valid")
toot = functions.make_toot(cfg) # generate a toot
if toot == "": # Regenerate the post if it contains a blacklisted word
toot = functions.make_toot(cfg)
toot = acct + " " + toot # prepend the @
print(acct + " says " + mention) # logging
visibility = notification['status']['visibility']
if visibility == "public":
visibility = "unlisted"
client.status_post(toot, post_id, visibility=visibility, spoiler_text=cfg['cw'] if cfg['cw_reply'] else None) # send toost
print("replied with " + toot) # logging
rl = ReplyListener()
client.stream_user(rl) # go!