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VERSION=$(git describe --tags --always --match "[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9].*.*")
# This controls the directory the built artifacts go into
export ARTIFACT_DIR=built_artifacts/
mkdir -p $ARTIFACT_DIR
export TARGET_ARCH=$arch
export TARGET_OS=linux
export FIPS=true
# For BoringCrypto to link, we need CGO enabled. Otherwise compilation fails.
export CGO_ENABLED=1
make cloudflared-deb
mv cloudflared-fips\_$VERSION\_$arch.deb $ARTIFACT_DIR/cloudflared-fips-linux-$arch.deb
# rpm packages invert the - and _ and use x86_64 instead of amd64.
RPMVERSION=$(echo $VERSION|sed -r 's/-/_/g')
make cloudflared-rpm
mv cloudflared-fips-$RPMVERSION-1.$RPMARCH.rpm $ARTIFACT_DIR/cloudflared-fips-linux-$RPMARCH.rpm
# finally move the linux binary as well.
mv ./cloudflared $ARTIFACT_DIR/cloudflared-fips-linux-$arch