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package datagramsession
import (
// registerSessionEvent is an event to start tracking a new session
type registerSessionEvent struct {
sessionID uuid.UUID
originProxy io.ReadWriteCloser
resultChan chan *Session
func newRegisterSessionEvent(sessionID uuid.UUID, originProxy io.ReadWriteCloser) *registerSessionEvent {
return &registerSessionEvent{
sessionID: sessionID,
originProxy: originProxy,
resultChan: make(chan *Session, 1),
// unregisterSessionEvent is an event to stop tracking and terminate the session.
type unregisterSessionEvent struct {
sessionID uuid.UUID
err *errClosedSession
// ClosedSessionError represent a condition that closes the session other than I/O
// I/O error is not included, because the side that closes the session is ambiguous.
type errClosedSession struct {
message string
byRemote bool
func (sc *errClosedSession) Error() string {
if sc.byRemote {
return fmt.Sprintf("session closed by remote due to %s", sc.message)
} else {
return fmt.Sprintf("session closed by local due to %s", sc.message)
// newDatagram is an event when transport receives new datagram
type newDatagram struct {
sessionID uuid.UUID
payload []byte