Mirror of a project I'm working on for university
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@echo off
set NPMW_DIR=%~dp0
if exist "%NPMW_DIR%\mvnw.cmd" (
set NPM_EXE=%NPMW_DIR%\target\node\npm.cmd
set INSTALL_NPM_COMMAND=%NPMW_DIR%\mvnw.cmd frontend:install-node-and-npm@install-node-and-npm
) else (
set NPM_EXE=%NPMW_DIR%\.gradle\npm\npm.cmd
set INSTALL_NPM_COMMAND=%NPMW_DIR%\gradlew.bat npmSetup
if not exist %NPM_EXE% (
if not exist %NPM_EXE% goto globalNpm
%NPM_EXE% %*
npm %*