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title: Use plaintext email
date: 2020-08-18T19:00:00
tags: ['Miscellaneous', 'Public policy']
categories: ['August 2020']
year: ['2020']
slug: miscellaneous
description: "Read how the 19th Amendment didn't give all women the right to vote, how Topher Payne 'fixes' The Giving Tree, and why you should use plain text email."
[North, A. (2020, August 18). *The 19th Amendment didn’t give women the right to vote.* Vox.](
> *States could use poll taxes and other voter suppression tactics -- already used across the country to deny voting rights to Black men -- to keep Black women from voting. They could, and did, use those same tactics against Latina women. Indigenous women and many Asian American women lacked citizenship in 1920, meaning they couldn’t vote in the first place. All in all, the 19th Amendment was essentially for one group of women and one group only: white women.*
[The tree who set healthy boundaries: A parody alternate ending for Shel Silverstein's *The Giving Tree.*](
> *The alternate endings are available for you to print for free. If you enjoy them, I hope you'll consider a donation to The Atlanta Artist Relief Fund, which is providing crucial assistance to my colleagues during the COVID crisis.*
[Use plaintext email.](
> *In short, HTML emails are a security nightmare, are mostly used for advertising to you and tracking you, are less accessible for many users, and don't offer anything especially great for it.*