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Black Lives Matter (October 2020) 2020-10-31T19:00:00 [Black Lives Matter Health Public policy] [October 2020] [2020] Black Lives Matter Black Lives Matter.

Cozzarelli, T. (2020, October 31). No such thing as a "progressive" DA: Larry Krasner arrests protesters, not cops. Left Voice.

Biden, Trump, Krasner and the entire political system are more concerned with storefronts than Black lives. Those who break storefronts are prosecuted quickly and fully. Cops who kill Black people, not so much. Even in cities with a supposedly progressive district attorney. [...] There is no way to be “progressive” and be in charge of locking people up.

Snyder, T. (2020, October 31). America's poor health is an invitation to tyranny. The Atlantic.

In other rich nations, it is easier to see a doctor and harder to die than in the United States. [...] This is America’s basic problem: Health care is not a promise for all, but rather an expectation of the rich that they will do relatively better than the poor, and of white people that they will do relatively better than Black people. Suffering can seem meaningful if it affirms this basic order, even if that suffering is one’s own. This is a posture of submission. Letting a disease play itself out is not the attitude of a free people. Nor is resentment against those who take the initiative.