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<p class="p-note">My guiding principles draw from disability justice and the ethics of care. These principles are connected to current sociopolitical issues (e.g., mass incarceration) and my dedication to social change.</p>
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<p>As an advocate for digital rights and free culture, I maintain <a href="/resources/" >a page with useful resources</a>. I am currently an AmeriCorps VISTA member supporting program evaluation.</p>
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<h2>Where should you go from here?</h2>
<p>&#128226; <a href="/links/" >I found these current events and recent articles interesting</a>. &#128226;</p>
<p>&#128198; <a href="/now/" >I regularly write updates on what I'm doing now</a>. &#128198;</p>
<p>&#128217; <a href="/resources/" >You can browse my recommended resources</a>. &#128217;</p>
<p>&#128218; <a href="" >I created a personal wiki</a>. &#128218;</p>
<p>&#128204; <a rel="me" href="{{ .Site.Params.authorMastodon }}" >I use Mastodon, a federated alternative to Twitter</a>. &#128204;</p>
<p>&#128588; This website is a member of <a href=""><b>The 512KB Club</b></a> and <a href=""><b>The NoJS Club</b></a>! &#128588;</p>
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<a class="link-000" href=""><img src="/img/built-with-love.svg" alt="This site was built with love, using Git and Hugo." title="I also used Git and Hugo." /></a>
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<p><b><a class="u-email email" rel="me" href="mailto:{{ .Site.Params.authorEmail }}">Contact me</a>. <a href="/privacy/" >Privacy</a>. <a rel="pgpkey" href="/ethan.asc.txt">Public key</a> <a href="{{ .Site.Params.authorEmail }}">(Keyoxide)</a>.</b></p>
<p>&#128421; <a href="/cloudflare/" ><i>Where is this website hosted?</i></a> &#128421;</p>
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