A collection of advertising, trackers, CNAMEs and annoying domains.
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A collection of domains, wildcards and substrings designed for dnscrypt-proxy filter method.

  • allowed-names.txt: it's the file used to bypass a specific domain blocked by a rule contained in the blocked-names.txt file.
  • domains-blocklist.conf: it's used to configure the sources to merge during the build process.
  • domains-blocklist-local-additions.txt: it's used during the generation process to add your own additions and remove duplicates from the sources.
  • domains-allowlist.txt: it's used during the generation process to remove legit domains.
  • generate-domains-blocklist.py: it's the script used to launch the build process.



Source Maintainer(s) Description Home Page RAW Source License
Developer Dan: AMP Hosts Daniel (lightswitch05) Block Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). LINK RAW Apache-2.0
Developer Dan: Tracking Aggressive Daniel (lightswitch05) A very aggressive block list for tracking, geo-targeting and ads. LINK RAW Apache-2.0
Energized Protection: Xtreme Extension Team Boltz Privacy protection at its best. LINK RAW MIT
Oneoffdallas: DoH Servers List oneoffdallas A list of publicly available DNS over HTTPS (DoH) servers. LINK RAW MIT
quindecim: domains-blocklist-local-additions.txt quindecim Domains, wildcards and substrings collection. LINK RAW GPLv3
quindecim: domains-allowlist.txt quindecim Legit domains collection. LINK RAW GPLv3
Zelo72: Hard Gerd Zelo A merged list from a variety of other lists, without public whitelists. LINK RAW The Unlicense


Source Maintainer(s) Description Home Page RAW Source License
DNSCrypt: Rebind Protection jedisct1 DNS rebinding protection LINK - ISC


To generate your own list you can clone this repo, move into the config folder, edit files according to your needs and run this command:

python3 generate-domains-blocklist.py > list.txt.tmp && mv -f list.txt.tmp list