What exactly is Swivro?

Lets learn more about Swivro...

Founded in 2021, Swivro is an online organization focused on online privacy, cybersecurity, free-speech, and transparency. Our mission is to ensure that the internet operates in a way where users have privacy, can remain fully anonymous, and can speak without fear of censorship. We help you stay safe from privacy-violating services and software, and show you how to retain your online privacy & stay secure. For queries, use a contact link seen on our footer. By the way, our name is SWIVRO, not SWIRVO. People always mispronounce it.
We would like to thank the EFF, Startpage, PrivacyGuides, Njalla, PrivacyTools, ThinkPrivacy, and DuckDuckGo, for inspiration and ideas.

  • Privacy-respecting - Swivro is big on privacy, so no unethical tracking is involved and no personalized ads are delivered to you. No matter how much Google offers ($) to acquire us, we'll reject the offer.
  • Transparent - Swivro is very transparent, keeping you updated with what is going behind the scenes. You can see a perfect example of us being transparent by visiting our new changelog page.
  • Anonymity-friendly - We have no problem if you choose to visit our website over an Anonymity Network such as Tor or MASQ in order to stay anonymous. We don't block Tor or any other Anonymity Network, in fact, we suggest using one.

Swivro is an organization focused on transparency, cybersecurity, and online privacy. We do our best to help you restore & retain your online privacy.