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100% Open Source

Argon Browser is free software and is of course 100% open source with the code being available on GitHub. You're welcome to fork (copy/clone) Argon at any time, as long as you comply with the GNU General Public License v3.0 software license (which Argon is licensed under). Thanks to Skye & Wexond for providing the browser base.

Powered by ElectronJS

Argon Browser is written in ElectronJS. We chose to fork Skye Browser because it gives us a solid foundation to build off of, and is written in ElectronJS. Why do we want ElectronJS? If we forked Chromium directly (which is what Electron uses), we would have to write in C++ (we're not good at that). Essentially, Electron makes things way easier. Without Electron, we couldn't offer a browser.

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