We protect your digital privacy & anonymity.

Decentrasearch lets you search the web privately and securely.

✅ Community-ran    ✅ TLS Encryption    ✅ Most private search

Works on any device with internet and a browser

All code is ran locally on your device (Javascript)

Aggregates results from many search engines

Frequently asked questions

Well, Decentrasearch, is not a search engine itself. When you submit your search, the query is sent to a privacy-respecting open source search engine (a SearX node), randomly picked from the Decentrasearch database. This means there is no central search authority or central search server, making it decentralized.

No. All of the Decentrasearch code is ran in your browser, so you can see everything that is going on by viewing the page source. We don't run any dynamic code for Decentrasearch on our server.

Decentrasearch only sends your search query to an open source decentralized search engine (a public SearX node). We verify that the SearX node meets our minimum security and privacy requirements before adding it to our database. To see all of the search engines currently in the Decentrasearch database, you can view the source of the Decentrasearch page, and scroll down until you see some JS code that stands out. At the time of writing this, there are 30 SearX nodes in the database. Your search query will be sent to one of them randomly. We look forward to adding more, and eventually reaching 100, but we need more people to host SearX nodes, as we don't have the funds to do it ourselves. We also do not want to host all of the SearX nodes, because that makes Decentrasearch more centralized. 

Decentrasearch improves your privacy and anonymity by sending your search query to a randomly-picked SearX instance in the Decentrasearch database. This means every time you search, you connect to a different server. This primarily, in numerous ways, makes it harder for malicious actors to build a profile on you. Keep in mind that there is also no central search authority.

Currently, we are still in the process of making Decentrasearch more stable to ensure that search results are very similar for each time you submit your search query. At this time, you may see slightly different search results each time you submit your search query. This is primarily due to each SearX node operator having different server/search configuration. For example, some SearX node operators may choose for their engine to utilize Google and Bing results by default, while other operators may choose for their engine to utilize Qwant and Mojeek by default. We've modified the Decentrasearch script so all SearX nodes use roughly the same configuration, but some node operators still disable some search engines, or are blocked by some search engines.