Store your crypto wallet seed phrase securely and privately. Enter a memorable yet complex passphrase, paste your crypto seed phrase, and press Encrypt. Save the encrypted seed phrase displayed to a safe place, electronically or physically. You can decrypt it here at any time by entering your encrypted seed phrase + your passphrase.

Decrypt Phrase
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Encryption/decryption is processed in your browser.

No server-side dynamic code or processes.

Open Source (GNU General Public License v3.0)

Nothing you type is stored on our servers.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I trust this? Is this another crypto scam?
    You can see all of the code of this tool in your browser, by typing view-source: before the URL. The git repository is also available here ->
  • How do I know you don't log my seed phrase and/or passphrase?
    We don't log anything you type here, but we can't prove it unless we give you access to our server. So, if you don't trust this, you can self-host it, here's the code ->
  • Is all information sent across the internet encrypted?
    No information entered on this page is sent anywhere across the internet. Encryption and decryption takes place locally on your device/machine. No info ever leaves your machine.
  • Who made this application?
    Licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0, this application is a modified fork of zohar1000/in-browser-encryption. The source code for our fork is available at Changes can be seen on our README file.
  • Where is my encrypted seed phrase stored?
    You'll have to store it yourself, we do not store it. After you've encrypted your seed phrase with your own passphrase, save the encrypted text to a safe place (either electronically or physically). You can decrypt it by coming back here, entering the same passphrase you used, then entering the encrypted seed phrase text, and clicking Decrypt.

Latest Seedcrypt News

Your passphrase and seed phrase are now censored/hidden for privacy, when being typed into the input on this page [1/15/22]


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