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<title>Changelog - Swivro</title>
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<h1 class="mbr-section-title mbr-fonts-style mbr-white mb-3 display-1"><strong>Swivro Website Changelog</strong></h1>
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<h5 class="mbr-section-title mbr-fonts-style mb-2 display-5">January, 2022<br></h5>
<p class="mbr-text mbr-fonts-style display-4">- Update colors across website<br>- Update navbar item<br>- Add padding to Decentrasearch search section on decentrasearch.html<br>- Update product cards on homepage<br>-&nbsp;Update homepage background image<br>- Add github repo link on Argon page<br>- Update search box/btn on decentrasearch page<br>- Update headers/heros on every page to match homepage header bg &amp; color<br>- Update homepage header/hero design (update image &amp; text)<br>- Create Argon page (argon.html)<br>- Update alert message on Decentrasearch page<br>- Add search button on the right side of the HTML input on the Decentrasearch Start Page page<br>- Add tags to Decentrasearch recommendation on search engines page<br>- Add Decentrasearch to Search Engine recommendation page<br>- Remove roflcopter from Decentrasearch database &amp; add<br>- Create new start page for Decentrasearch to be used as the default browser homepage - also enabling a quick way to privately and securely search the internet.<br>- Major update to Decentrasearch (remove 4 SearX nodes from database which have broken or missing features, add to database, and ensure all SearX nodes use specific search engines &amp; have specific configuration)<br>- Create products section on homepage<br>- Add to Decentrasearch database<br>- Update blog section on homepage &amp; blog.html<br>- Create new blog post<br>- Fix visuals/display issues on KeyVault page<br>- Update main section on footer<br>- Fix JittySearch URL in Decentrasearch database<br>- Fix button visuals on mobile (blog page)<br>- Update navbar logo &amp; favicon<br>- Fix XMR address JS copy function on donate page<br>-&nbsp;Remove from Decentrasearch database and add<br>- Remove, nibblehole, and divided-by-zero from Decentrasearch database<br>- Add 2 new engines to Decentrasearch database<br>- Remove&nbsp; from Decentrasearch database (bad search results)<br>- Remove&nbsp;,&nbsp;, and&nbsp;, from Decentrasearch database (all of those SearX nodes are broken).<br>- Update Njalla description on hosting providers page<br>- Update navbar (add blog.html)<br>- Create Blog Page<br>- Update navbar (create "Digital Privacy" item &amp; add submenu w/ Privacy Checklist and Privacy Tools, and add Blog)<br>- Remove OpenCash Page (dead project)<br>- Update navbar (add KeyVault)<br>- Create KeyVault page<br>- Add to crypto exchange page<br>- Rename "Digital Privacy Checklist" to "Digital Privacy" on navbar<br>- Add "Onion Search Engine" to search engine recommendation page<br>- Update favicon<br>- Update navbar logo<br>- Update website colors<br>- Create new section on OpenCash page (avg. stats)<br>- Update PrivacyNow blog post links on bottom of homepage<br>- Add Searx instance to Decentrasearch database<br>- Remove bluelock Searx instance from Decentrasearch database<br>- Update navbar (add 2 items &amp; remove 2 items)<br>- Create Decentrasearch page<br>- Create OpenCash NFT page<br>- Update color of bottom section (blog) on homepage<br>- Add two new sections below "Verified Privacy Tools" on homepage<br>- Update buttons on "Verified Privacy Tools" section on homepage<br>- Add images on two right/left sections at top of homepage body<br>- Update icons on Privacy Checklist page<br>- Update design of donate page<br>- Update homepage description<br>- Fix link colors on Privacy Checklist page<br>- Update website font (Satoshi -&gt; Inter)</p></blockquote></div>
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<h5 class="mbr-section-title mbr-fonts-style mb-2 display-5">December, 2021<br></h5>
<p class="mbr-text mbr-fonts-style display-4">- Update PrivacyNow Blog section on homepage (add &amp; link new blog post)<br>- Update colors on homepage (fix blog title text color)<br>- Update year in footer (happy new year!)
<br>- List Monero and only Monero as a crypto donation option on the donate page
<br>- Fix colors on changelog page
<br>- Update colors across site
<br>- Update text color for titles on sections "verified privacy tools" and "latest blog posts" (gradient -&gt; solid dark blue)
<br>- Update button styling across all pages (gradient -&gt; solid dark blue)
<br>- Update MASQ Description
<br>- Add descriptions to heros/headers on every page
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on operating system page
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on email client page
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on 2-step authentication page
<br>- Update tags on web browser page (remove "uses gecko" &amp; show what platforms the browser supports)
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on file encryption page
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on file sharing page
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on anonymity network page
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on password manager page
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on web browsers page
<br>- Add PayPal donation link to donate page
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on email providers page
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on instant messengers page
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on hosting providers page
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on crypto exchange page
<br>- Update crypto exchange page description (on header/hero)
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on DNS resolver page
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on VPN provider page
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on cloud file storage page
<br>- Add important tags to recommendations on search engine page
<br>- Rename hero title on Changelog Page from "Swivro Changelog" to "Website Changelog"
<br>- Rename a section on the homepage ("Cyberspace Safety Resources" -&gt; "Directory of Verified Privacy Tools")
<br>- Update PrivacyNow Blog link across website ( -&gt;
<br>- Rename "Explore Privacy Resources" button on homepage to "Explore Privacy Tools" &amp; update the link/href to privacytools.html
<br>- Revamp Donate Page design
<br>- Revamp Privacy Tools page &amp; add Operating Systems link
<br>- Create Privacy Tools page (lists all provider &amp; software recommendations)
<br>- Create Operating System recommendation page
<br>- Add PrivacyNow button to navbar
<br>- Update menu/navbar items
<br>- Update logo
<br>- Update font again (wasn't liking the new one) across website
<br>- Add PrivacyNow Blog section to bottom of homepage &amp; add blog content
<br>- Remove Donate/About section and Share Website section from bottom of homepage
<br>- Update colors (to divide sections) &amp; adjust padding on homepage
<br>- Import &amp; use new website favicon (updated logo/new font)
<br>- Import &amp; use new organization logo (new font)
<br>- Import &amp; use new website font (inter)
<br>- Update design of "why online privacy matters" page
<br>- Add link to PrivacyNow Blog in the footer
<br>- Create "Are you a Karen?" page (hopefully Karens don't get offended!)
<br>- Add notice/warning to search engine recommendation page
<br>- Update navbar (remove some links)
<br>- Add notice to web browser recommendation page stating that we do not suggest Chromium browsers
<br>- Add CTemplar to email provider recommendation page
<br>- Update homepage header design
<br>- Update font size for menu/nav icons &amp; update nav items
<br>- Create Global Mass Surveillance Page &amp; add it to the navbar
<br>- Update button styling on Privacy Checklist Page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all Email Client recommendations on the Email Clients page
<br>- Remove K-9 Mail from Email Client Recommendation Page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all 2FA Authenticator recommendations on the 2FA Authenticator page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all File Encryption recommendations on the File Encryption page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all File Sharing recommendations on the File Sharing page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all Anonymity Network recommendations on the Anonymity Networks page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all Password Manager recommendations on the Password Manager page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all Email Provider recommendations on the Email Providers page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all Instant Messenger recommendations on the Instant Messengers page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all Hosting Provider recommendations on the Hosting Provider page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all Web Browser recommendations on the Web Browser page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all Crypto Exchange recommendations on the Crypto Exchange page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all DNS Resolver recommendations on the DNS Resolver page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all VPN provider recommendations on the VPN page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all cloud storage provider recommendations on the Cloud Storage Page
<br>- Add important details &amp; notes to all search engine recommendations on the Search Engine Page
<br>- Add buttons to "if you don't have anything to hide..." and "why should I care about security..." sections on homepage
<br>- Add Zcash &amp; Dash as cryptocurrencies on donation page
<br>- Add section to bottom of homepage to allow easy sharing of this website
<br>- Update DNS resolver page design (remove comparison chart &amp; add horizontal cards/sections)
<br>- Give the Changelog a design update (you're currently viewing it)
<br>- Update the About Page (updated description &amp; new content added)
<br>- Add important notice to MASQ on "Anonymity Networks" page
<br>- Add MASQ to "Anonymity Networks" Recommendation page
<br>- Rename "Anonymous Networks" page to "Anonymity Networks"
<br>- Add Signal to Encrypted Messengers page (with a warning that it requires a phone number)
<br>- Add link to the DNS Resolver Recommendation Page to the Internet Providers page
<br>- Create DNS Resolver Recommendation Page
<br>- De-list Mojeek Search Engine (with its current search results, the search engine is almost unusable)
<br>- Move away from DDoS-Guard due to Russia's new restriction against the Tor Project &amp; Migrate to CloudFlare
<br>- De-list Brave Search (due to privacy concerns) &amp; add Mojeek and Searx
<br>- De-list DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser (due to privacy concerns) &amp; add LibreWolf
<br>- Temporarily remove PrivacyNow Blog from Navbar until the Blogging system is improved
<br>- Create PrivacyNow Blog &amp; add PrivacyNow Blog Button to Navbar
<br>- Update Startpage logo on Search Engine recommendation page
<br>- Update Session &amp; Status logos on Messenger recommendation page
<br>- Add Webdock to Hosting Provider recommendation page
<br>- Fix link on VPN Provider recommendation page
<br>- Update homepage hero image (before it was a solid purple color, now it is a purple to blue gradient)
<br>- Make navbar fixed at top of page &amp; transparent
<br>- Update Footer Color (before it was a solid purple, now it is a gradient)
<br>- Make all buttons a purple/blue gradient &amp; remove border
<br>- Fix links on "Secure your accounts" page
<br>- Add Solana as a cryptocurrency to Donation Page
<br>- Update Software Recommendations page (add 2-step Authentication page to the listing)
<br>- Update "Privacy Checklist" page (add 2-step Authentication link)
<br>- Create "2-step Authentication" page
<br>- Update font for navbar items
<br>- Update About Page
<br>- Add bottom buttons to "Privacy Checklist" page
<br>- Create "Privacy Checklist" page
<br>- Add "Cloud File Storage" to "Service Providers" page
<br>- Add "FileN" as a recommendation on the "Cloud File Storage" page
<br>- Add images (logos) to "Cloud File Storage" Page
<br>- Create "Cloud File Storage" page
<br>- Modify website fonts&nbsp;</p></blockquote></div>
<section data-bs-version="5.1" class="content7 cid-sR3Au9RTgC" id="content7-fl">
<div class="container">
<div class="row justify-content-center">
<div class="col-12 col-md-12">
<h5 class="mbr-section-title mbr-fonts-style mb-2 display-5">November, 2021</h5>
<p class="mbr-text mbr-fonts-style display-4"><strong>-</strong> Create "File Encryption Tools" page
<br><strong>-</strong> Add additional content to homepage (two new cards) and update information on homepage
<br><strong>-</strong> Update "Cyberspace Safety" section on homepage (change cards)
<br><strong>-</strong> Add images and buttons to software &amp; provider recommendation pages
<br><strong>-</strong> Update Online Safety submenu in navbar
<br><strong>-</strong> Add "Web Browsers", "Password Managers", "Anonymous Networks", "File Sharing", and "Email Clients" sections to Software Alternatives page
<br><strong>-</strong> Add "VPN Providers", "Search Engines", "Crypto Exchanges", "Web Hosting", "Instant Messengers", and "Email Providers" sections to Service Providers page
<br><strong>-</strong> Add Service Providers page
<br><strong>-</strong> Add Software Alternatives page
<br><strong>-</strong> Change overall website structure (rename pages)
<br><strong>-</strong> Change "Safe Crypto Wallets" page to "Safe Crypto Exchanges"
<br><strong>-</strong> Modify cards on cybersecurity page (re-structure)
<br><strong>-</strong> Add anti-malware software recommendation page
<br><strong>-</strong> Update software recommendations on Privacy Guide page
<br><strong>-</strong> Replace paper airplane icon on all buttons with external link icon (fontawesome)
<br><strong>-</strong> Minor updates on the Anonymity page to the card titles
<br><strong>-</strong> Update Internet Issues page to make all card header titles consistent (starting with "Protecting")
<br><strong>-</strong> Update Cybersecurity page to make all card header titles consistent (starting with Securing)
<br><strong>-</strong> Update Anonymity page to make all card headings start with "anonymously" for consistency
<br><strong>-</strong> Create "Anonymous Internet Search Engines" informational page &amp; link it on Anonymity page.
<br><strong>-</strong> Self-host the Montserrat font to no longer fetch from Google CDN (thanks to CYGO Network for informing us of this)
<br><strong>-</strong> Added "Communicating Anonymously" and "Sharing Files Anonymously" pages
<br><strong>-</strong> Temporarily remove "privacy guide" page from navbar &amp; add to footer menu
<br><strong>-</strong> Added more useful information (suggesting XMR over BTC) on the "anonymize your payments" page
<br><strong>-</strong> Added "Email Forwarding" &amp; "DNS Resolvers" section to privacy guide page
<br><strong>-</strong> Simplifed Privacy Guide Page &amp; update content
<br><strong>-</strong> Added Privacy Guide (alternatives to google, etc) section under "privacy &amp; cybersecurity resources" on homepage
<br><strong>-</strong> Fixed a link/button on the homepage
<br><strong>-</strong> Updated content on "privacy guide" page
<br><strong>-</strong> Added new item on navbar under "online safety"
<br><strong>-</strong> Added "Why online privacy matters" page &amp; update navbar
<br><strong>-</strong> Added changelog page to footer menu
<br><strong>-</strong> Added changelog page
<br><strong>-</strong> Added beta news/blog page (currently accessible via news.html but not regularly updated yet)
<br><strong>-</strong> Added "securing all of your online accounts" informational page
<br><strong>-</strong> Updated information regarding Tor on "hide your web traffic" page
<br><strong>-</strong> Updated information on "explaining tor" page
<br><strong>-</strong> Updated some info on the malicious company directory
<br><strong>-</strong> Gave cybersecurity, anonymity, and internet issues all dedicated pages with options.
<br><strong>-</strong> Splitted up sections in navbar (anonymity, cybersecurity, etc)
<br><strong>-</strong> Added "Privacy Guide" page (merged with Swivro)
<br><strong>-</strong> Updated donation page w/ JS functioning allowing quick copy/paste of crypto addresses
<br><strong>-</strong> Changed layout of all pages under "internet issue" category
<br><strong>-</strong> Updated some info on the cybercrime informational page
<br><strong>-</strong> Upgraded the website from Bootstrap 4.5 to Bootstrap 5
<br><strong>-</strong> Updated the logo to terminal icon w/ S letter (bagnard font)
<br><strong>-</strong> Revamp website design
<br><strong>-</strong> Added Webdock to safe hosting provider list (safe-hosting-providers.html)
<br><strong>-</strong> Switched from Apache Web Server to Nginx &amp; add JS to website
<br><strong>-</strong> Migrated to Webdock Hosting</p></blockquote>
<section data-bs-version="5.1" class="footer1 cid-sV0lI2vs2R" once="footers" id="footer1-sOpMpnOYd4-sOR1GhUL5w-q4">
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<div class="col-12 col-md-6 col-lg-3">
<h5 class="mbr-section-subtitle mbr-fonts-style mb-2 display-7">
<ul class="list mbr-fonts-style display-4">
<li class="mbr-text item-wrap"><a href="../" class="text-white text-primary">Homepage</a></li><li class="mbr-text item-wrap"><a href="privacy-checklist.html" class="text-white">Privacy Checklist</a></li><li class="mbr-text item-wrap"><a href="decentrasearch.html" class="text-white">Decentrasearch</a></li><li class="mbr-text item-wrap"><a href="keyvault.html" class="text-white">KeyVault</a></li>
<div class="col-12 col-md-6 col-lg-3">
<h5 class="mbr-section-subtitle mbr-fonts-style mb-2 display-7">
<ul class="list mbr-fonts-style display-4">
<li class="mbr-text item-wrap"><a href="" class="text-white" style="font-size: 1.1rem;">Report Misinformation</a><br></li><li class="mbr-text item-wrap"><a href="" class="text-white text-primary">Contact Us</a></li><li class="mbr-text item-wrap"><a href="are-you-a-karen.html" class="text-white">Are you a Karen?</a></li>
<div class="col-12 col-md-6 col-lg-3">
<h5 class="mbr-section-subtitle mbr-fonts-style mb-2 display-7"><strong>More</strong></h5>
<ul class="list mbr-fonts-style display-4">
<li class="mbr-text item-wrap"><a href="changelog.html" class="text-white">Swivro&nbsp;Changelog</a></li><li class="mbr-text item-wrap"><a href="about.html" class="text-white text-primary">About&nbsp;Swivro</a></li><li class="mbr-text item-wrap"><a href="donate.html" class="text-white">Donate to us</a></li>
<div class="col-12 col-md-6 col-lg-3">
<h5 class="mbr-section-subtitle mbr-fonts-style mb-2 display-7">
<p class="mbr-text mbr-fonts-style mb-4 display-4">Swivro is an organization focused on transparency, cybersecurity, and online privacy. We do our best to help you restore &amp; retain your online privacy.<br></p>
<div class="col-12 mt-4">
<p class="mbr-text mb-0 mbr-fonts-style copyright align-center display-7"><a href="" class="text-white text-primary" style="" target="_blank"><strong>Hosted by</strong></a><br>© Copyright 2022 Swivro - All Rights Reserved<br>
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<script src="assets/theme/js/script.js"></script>
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