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My online pseudonym is Amolith. However, if we end up meeting in person, I would be happy to introduce myself as myself. I am a dedicated Linux user, musician, sysadmin, and founder of NixNet. At the moment, I’m a university student studying Computer Science with plans of becoming a systems architect in the future. I don’t have much time to play music so it’s (mostly) an “in my room when I have a few minutes” thing. I also host a (work-in-progress) netcast called Redacted Life; the subject is Linux and libre software with a hard spin on personal privacy and security. Nothing has been recorded yet but it's in progress.

GCS/TW/PA d(+) s+:++ a-- C++(+++) UL+++>$ P
L+++>++++ E+ W++ N++ o? K- w--- O? M-- V? PS+
PE Y++ PGP+++ t 5? X R+ tv+ b++ DI++ D+ G
e+>++++ h r% y+

Decode mine above or create your own.


I will occasionally blog here and that content can be found on the Posts page. Below are a specific few posts that give a good overview of what I typically write about.

About the site

Secluded.Site was hand-written entirely by me and is generated with Hugo. The theme is public and available for anyone to use. I'll eventually get it added to the themes directory once I clean it up a little (patches welcome!), but until then, you can simply clone the repo and copy the theme to your site.

All of the code is released under the MIT license and the content here is CC-BY 4.0. Source for everything is available on my Gitea instance.


I can be contacted through many methods but the most reliable and my most preferred will always be email. In order of preference…

  1. Email: amolith [email symbol] [this domain]
  2. XMPP: amolith [email symbol] [this domain]
  3. Fediverse:
  4. IRC: amolith on Libera and NixNet

If you choose to contact me over XMPP, please use OMEMO encryption and manually verify the following fingerprints. Any other keys should be marked as untrusted.

Linux:   BA0CFF1E 8BC2B80C E2217422 C7764706 0C35BD31 79E6EBAE C9D38999 A84E975B
Windows: 96844AC5 2555C9F5 A32E3217 DB1901A8 515A181B 913E2F43 3D36A94D 161A220E
Laptop:  3A5CFD35 A3F04287 34C46505 831E76E7 796FC1D8 658E644B 06912378 EE19B331
Mobile:  DA543111 7214CCCC 3C87261A 056A61E3 1445FB6C EE5A0586 B2839A1C BE3E8A5D