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Fedikwaft Minecraft server for the fediverse 2021-03-22T00:11:14-04:00 /assets/pngs/minecraft.png true

This is just a laid-back and fun Minecraft server for fedizens. It's called Fedikwaft because we are uncreative.

We also have voice chat through Mumble if you'd like to join while playing; head over to our docs and take a look at the installation guide. We will be in Root → Hosted Communities → Fedikwaft.


  1. Install Mojang's launcher
  2. Make sure you have version 1.16.5 selected
  3. Click Play
  4. Once you get to the menu, click Multiplayer
  5. Add a server
  6. Enter as the address
  7. Join!

Feel free to use a different launcher and add client-side mods if you wish.


We're pretty loose about rules but a few are necessary. They're simple and we do expect them to be followed.

  1. No griefing
    • There's a … fun punishment lined up for any offenders 😏
  2. No excessively vulgar language or slurs
  3. PvP is only allowed in the designated area
  4. No milking cows within 10 metres of spawn


A few of us use client-side mods but they're completely optional. If you're interested in using some, install a launcher such as GDLauncher, go through the setup, and install whatever you like. These are just a few we recommend.

  • Ambient Sounds 3
  • AppleSkin
  • Just Enough Items (JEI)
  • Just Enough Resources (JER)
  • Light Overlay (doesn't work with shaders)
  • Sound Filters
  • Swing Through Grass
  • VoxelMap


This server runs Paper, an optimised version of Minecraft with support for Spigot and Bukkit plugins. These facilitate advanced administration features for grief prevention, full economies, preventing creepers from blowing buildings up, fires from spreading, and much more. The following is a list of the plugins we have enabled and ops will probably want to read their documentation.

  • EssentialsX - big collection of mods that improve chat, protect spawn, prevent players from building in certain areas, and much more
    • AntiBuild
    • Chat
    • Protect
    • Spawn
  • FastAsyncWorldEdit - similar to regular WorldEdit, this allows ops to make massive world changes (paste, copy, cut, undo, redo, etc) but without crashing the server
  • GriefPrevention - allows players to "claim" land and prevent others from griefing that plot
  • WorldGuard - facilitates fine-grained player permissions, protects the world against abuse, sets game rules in specific areas, and much more