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Minecraft Instructions for joining the official™ Secluded.Site© Minecraft® server 2020-05-29T23:37:57-04:00 /assets/pngs/minecraft.png true

Just a fun server for some friends to play on. The original was a mixture of survival and creative with some massive cities, castles, boats, towers, etc. but everyone eventually got bored with vanilla. Now, it has a few mods and we play more often.


  1. Set TLauncher up. No account is necessary and you can enter whatever username you wish.
  2. Download the modpack and unzip it.
  3. In TLauncher, click TL mods in the bottom right, Create button at the top, then select Minecraft 1.15.2.
  4. Click the settings icon on the left, import all the extracted .jar files, then Enter game.
  5. Server address is

There is a global map generated from all of the chunks my server has created. The in-game minimap only shows where you have been but this one has everything. The red and green squares are textures from mods that I haven't extracted yet. Will do soon™. To add a banner for your home, create a flag then send me the PNG along with your coordinates.


There are two possible routes for custom skins. The first is through Mojang; if you have a Mojang account, you can enter your username and other players will see that skin. The second is through TLauncher itself and doesn't require a Mojang account. Note, however, that only other TLauncher users will see it. For that, simply create a TLauncher account and select your skin!

If you don't have an account with either Mojang or TLauncher, the default player skin will be displayed.


They're listed on signs by spawn but I'll put them here as well.

  1. No griefing
  2. Don't fuck with spawn
  3. Don't be an ass

Voice chat

We use Mumble for voice chat and installation/usage instructions can be found in NixNet's documentation. Under Hosted Communities, join Secluded MC.

Text chat

This is available in a few places. You can of course use the in-game chat but there's also Telegram and IRC. If you want to join IRC, take a look at the documentation for server details. The channel is #minecraft.


Mod list


Blocks & Misc