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(Temporary?) Death of the Campaign Unfortunately, we had to end the campaign before we got further than five sessions 2020-04-03T09:13:20-04:00 /assets/pngs/axe.png [Dungeons & Dragons]

With the emergence of COVID-19, our university shutting down, and everything going remote, this campaign has ended. Our DM and a few of the other guys don't like playing without face-to-face interaction. It's unfortunate but I do understand; half of our sessions consisted of us being complete dumbasses and dying laughing at something stupid one of us did. I did have half-finished notes that were going to be made into stories like [the first]({{< relref "" >}}) but I don't remember enough of what else happened to complete them.

We might pick things up in the Fall once the university opens and we can move back in or we might just start a new one; it remains to be seen. Whatever happens, there will be a new post in the category.