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Arch Spin pt. 2 — Initial setup First steps to rolling your own spin Setting up the basics for build your own Arch-based spin with archiso, the official development tool /assets/spin/arch-spin/pt-2.png 2018-08-17T14:11:07-04:00 [Technology] [Arch Linux Arch Spin]

I think I'm going to call it a spin . . .

  • Install the package archiso from the official repos or archiso-git from the AUR
  • $ mkdir ~/<build-directory>
    • Replace <build-directory> with wherever you want the iso build to be stored. This is where we'll be spending all of our time configuring. Mine is at ~/liveiso/ and that's the path I'll be using in this and future posts
  • $ sudo cp -r /usr/share/archiso/configs/releng/ ~/liveiso
  • Edit ~/liveiso/packages.x86_64 to install desired software
    • This will be addressed in the next post, packages.x86_64, where I also give some quick ways to install everything you might want.