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Day 3 Day 3 out of 100 /assets/pngs/calendar.png [Technology] [Inkscape Graphics 100 Days To Offload] 2020-04-27T23:15:04-04:00

Well I had planned to write a post about music this evening but I just spend two hours making the post's cover image, a guitar. Lately, I've been basing my images on Feather Icons or Font Awesome. I might download one to use as a reference, download and modify, etc. but I've stopped using the icons as they are. This guitar, however, is an exception; I used the Bezier Pen and created it completely from scratch. It's still just a silhouette but I've always avoided this tool because it's so hard to use. You can view it on my Gitea instance.

Anyway, this is my anti-climactic third day out of 100! Prepare for some music tomorrow 😉

This was posted as part of #100DaysToOffload, an awesome idea from Kev Quirk. If you want to participate, just write something every day for 100 days and post a link on social media with the hashtag!