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As NixNet grows, it becomes more difficult to manage all the different
communication channels and issues and support requests and such. Because of
that, I've set up an open source ticketing system called
[Zammad](https://zammad.org). If you have any issues, create an account on [our
instance](https://support.nixnet.services) or shoot an email to
There are a couple of ways to get community support as well as one-on-one
support. We do prefer the public chats because that allows community members to
answer when we're busy though.
Though IRC is preferred, there are a couple of ways to join the NixNet
* **IRC:** `#nixnet` on [NixNet's IRC server](https://docs.nixnet.services/IRC)
(also on [Libera](https://libera.chat))
* **Telegram:** `@NixNetChat`
* **Matrix:** `#nixnet:snopyta.org`
* **XMPP:** `nixnet@muc.nixnet.services`
* **Matrix:** `#nixnet:snopyta.org`
If you need to communicate one-on-one or in an encrypted manner, there are
additional options.
If you need to communicate in a secure manner, GPG-encrypted email will always
be available. Amolith's address is
[`amolith@nixnet.services`](mailto:amolith@nixnet.services) and his GPG key can
be downloaded at [`amolith.txt`](/amolith.txt). Manton's address is
[`manton@nixnet.services`](mailto:manton@nixnet.services) and his GPG key is
available at [`manton.txt`](/manton.txt)
* Email
* General support with no encryption but quicker responses: `support@nixnet.services`
* Amolith: `amolith@nixnet.services`, [`amolith.txt`](/amolith.txt) (GPG key)
* Manton: `manton@nixnet.services`, [`manton.txt`](/manton.txt) (GPG key)
* General support: `support@nixnet.services`
* Amolith: `amolith@nixnet.services`