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DNS Servers & Tor exits

I have three servers running a Tor exit and a recursive DNS resolver each. These are $3.50/mo from BuyVM (Slice 1024)

Total: $10.50/mo

Status Page

The status page is running on Slice 512 from BuyVM and it costs $2.00/mo


My email server at is on netcup's RS 1000 G8. I also run Postal on the same.

Total: ~$20.061


My main server with everything else on it is the 2000 G8 VPS from netcup GmbH.

Total: ~$20.34/mo

Overall: ~$52.90/mo

  1. Note that the price is an approximation. Converting EUR to USD isn't exact and comes with extra fees. The conversion rate could change though it isn't likely to be by very much. ↩︎