Linux configuration files
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Dotfiles are user-specific configuration files that are typically stored as dotfiles, as in filenames that are prefixed with a dot or period (.). This project are my personal dotfiles and as such are available for reference and backup.

Directory Structure

The directory structure listed below is in general terms and only those special files/directories are listed for explanation purposes.

├── bin/            < Executable
├── system/         < System configuration
├── user/           < User configuration
├── < Project contributing guidelines
├── LICENSE         < Project source code license
└──       < Project read me



  • Have experienced working knowledge within a CLI (command-line interface)
  • Understanding of Linux operating system
  • Installed all required dependencies as stated in Dependency Requirements section
  • Installation is done via Linux CLI
  • Steps prefixed with a "$" (dollar sign) represents the CLI prompt
  • The text after the "$" is to be entered at the CLI
  • Setup instructions are an example of installation and configuration

Dependency Requirements

  • BASH v5+
  • Git v2+
  • GNOME v43+
  • GNU Stow v2.3+


  1. Clone project.

    $ git clone
  2. Change to project directory.

    $ cd dotfiles
  3. Apply configuration.

    Choose one of the following methods.

    • Specific application
      $ cd user/
      $ stow -t ~/ fish
    • All applications
      cd user/
      $ stow -t ~/
  4. Apply GNOME Settings.

    GNOME settings are stored within BASH script that utilizes the command "gsettings" to apply desire settings.

    $ ./bin/gsconfig