Urban Terror Systemd service unit configuration with error notification sent via email.
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Run Urban Terror server using systemd, screen and mail applications on a Linux operating system.

Note: Tested to work on a Debian Wheezy/Jessie operating system, may require alterations for it to work on other operating systems.

Note: It is assumed email is already configured and required packages are installed on the Linux system being used.


  • Urban Terror starts up automatically at system start up (runs as a service/daemon).
  • Notification of Urban Terror service failures are sent via email.

Required Packages

  • git
  • mailutils (/usr/bin/mail)
  • nano
  • screen
  • systemd

Sending an Email When a Unit Fails Works as Follows...

  • Two files will be required to achieve this: an executable for sending the email and a .service for starting the executable.
  • Add "OnFailure=status-send-email@%n.service" without double quotes to the [Unit] section of any unit file to receive emails on failures.
  • %n passes the unit's name to the template. %i is the instance name. Refer to the man page systemd.unit for further details.

Installation Instructions

Note: Anything proceeding the "$" is to be entered in the Linux operating system terminal/console.

  1. $ git clone https://github.com/thewarden/urt-service.git
  2. $ cd urt-service
  3. Change paths to match the system.
    1. $ nano urbanterror.service
  4. Set desired email address.
    1. $ nano status-send-email@.service
  5. Install service unit files and email script.
    1. $ sudo mv urbanterror.service status-send-email@.service /etc/systemd/system
    2. $ sudo mv systemd-send-email /usr/local/sbin/
    3. $ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/sbin/systemd-send-email
  6. Test service units. Correct any erorrs that may occur and the repeat the tests until successful.
    1. $ sudo systemctl start urbanterror.service
    2. $ sudo systemctl status urbanterror.service
    3. $ sudo systemctl start status-send-email@dbus.service
    4. $ sudo systemctl status status-send-emaild@.service
      1. Check for an email message.
  7. Enable service unit.
    1. $ sudo systemctl enable urbanterror.service

Useful Commands

Description Command Example
Reload all unit files systemctl daemon-reload
Restart unit systemctl restart urbanterror.service
Start unit systemctl start urbanterror.service
Stop unit systemctl stop urbanterror.service
View unit status systemctl status urbanterror.service
View unit messages journalctl -u urbanterror.service