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<h4 class="head">i break everything i touch</h4>
<div class="head"><a href="/">home</a> | <a href="/sbbs">sbbs</a> | <a href="/blogs.html">blogs</a></div>
<p>I'm a 14 year old programmer that breaks everything I touch, and this site is hand-written HTML and CSS containing no javascript.</p>
<p>I'm a programmer who ferociously despises unnecessary Javascript.</p>
<p>My GPG key is <a href="gpgkey.asc">here</a></p>
<p>Contact methods (in order of preference):</p>
<li><b>Telegram:</b> at <a href="https://t.me/TheKneesocks">@TheKneesocks</a></li>
<li><b>Email:</b> at <a href="mailto:theblankx@protonmail.com">theblankx@protonmail.com</a> or <a href="mailto:blankie@nixnetmail.com">blankie@nixnetmail.com</a></li>
<li><b>IRC:</b> at blankie on <a href="https://libera.chat">libera.chat</a></li>
<li><b>Matrix:</b> at <a href="https://matrix.to/#/@blank_x:matrix.org">@blank_x:matrix.org</a> (expect to be read on a blue moon)</li>
<li><b>Matrix:</b> at <a href="https://matrix.to/#/@blank_x:matrix.org">@blank_x:matrix.org</a></li>
<li><b>IRC:</b> at blankie on <a href="https://libera.chat">libera.chat</a> (expect to be read on a blue moon)</li>
<p>Some of my projects:</p>
<li><b><a href="https://gitlab.com/blankX/sukuinote">sukuinote</a>:</b> A helping hand that has multiple accounts and a slave attached</li>
<li><b><a href="https://gitlab.com/blankX/redditbot">redditbot</a>:</b> A bot that sends reddit posts to Telegram</li>
<li><b><a href="https://gitlab.com/blankX/pixwhile">pixwhile</a>:</b> A Javascript-less Pixiv frontend</li>
<li><b><a href="https://gitlab.com/blankX/coyote">coyote</a>:</b> A Javascript-less Mastodon frontend</li>
<li><b><a href="https://blankX.gitlab.io/mdtabeditor">mdtabeditor</a>:</b> A (in-browser) markdown table editor</li>
<li><b><a href="https://gitlab.com/blankX/nhentairs">nhentairs</a>:</b> A nhentai downloader I made because the <code>nhentai</code> package didn't work on Termux</li>
<li><b><a href="https://gitlab.com/blankX/hanimers">hanimers</a>:</b> A hanime downloader</li>
<li><b><a href="https://gitlab.com/blankX/imgurx">imgurx</a>:</b> An alternative frontend to Imgur without javascript</li>
<li><b><a href="https://gitlab.com/blankX/unquenchedaluminum">unquenchedaluminum</a>:</b> An alternative frontend to Imgur but with javascript since I don't have anywhere to host it</li>