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import html
from pyrogram import Client, filters
from ... import session, log_errors, public_log_errors
'tag': 'Tags',
'artist': 'Artists',
'parody': 'Parodies',
'character': 'Characters',
'group': 'Groups',
'language': 'Languages',
'category': 'Categories'
@Client.on_message(~filters.sticker & & filters.linked_channel)
async def nhentai_comment_info(client, message):
sent = set()
text = message.text or message.caption or ''
for i in text.split('\n'):
for sauce in i.split(' '):
if sauce.isnumeric() and sauce not in sent:
async with session.get(f'{sauce}') as resp:
info = await resp.json()
text = f'<b>{sauce}</b>\n<b>'
if 'error' in info:
text += f'Error:</b> {html.escape(info.get("error") or "None")}'
text += 'Title:</b> '
if info['title']['english']:
text += html.escape(info['title']['english'])
if info['title']['japanese']:
text += '\n<b>Japanese Title:</b> '
if info['title']['japanese']:
text += html.escape(info['title']['japanese'])
tags = dict()
for i in info['tags']:
if i['type'] not in tags:
tags[i['type']] = []
for i in sorted(tags):
text += f'\n<b>{PRETTY_TAG_NAMES.get(i, i)}:</b> {html.escape(", ".join(tags[i]))}'
text += f'\n<b>Pages:</b> {info["num_pages"]}'
await message.reply_text(text, disable_web_page_preview=True)