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Merge pull request #492 from ibigbug/support-x-forwarded-host 22 hours ago
João Oliveirinha 74556bcd7d TUN-5547: Bump golang x/net package to fix http2 transport bugs 3 days ago
cthuang 97309d81ab Release 2022.1.2 1 week ago
cthuang 0292727a95 TUN-5650: Fix pynacl version to 1.4.0 and pygithub version to 1.55 so release doesn't break unexpectedly 1 week ago
cthuang f33897615d Release 2022.1.1 1 week ago
cthuang 6fa58aadba TUN-5623: Configure quic max datagram frame size to 1350 bytes for none Windows platforms 2 weeks ago
cthuang ef3152f334 TUN-5631: Build everything with go 1.17.5 1 week ago
Nuno Diegues d6036d96f0 Release 2022.1.0 2 weeks ago
Nuno Diegues a6faa0c376 TUN-5600: Add coverage to component tests for various transports 2 weeks ago
Nuno Diegues 1086d5ede5 TUN-5204: Unregister QUIC transports on disconnect 2 weeks ago
Nuno Diegues c314d58b69 TUN-5616: Never fallback transport if user chooses it on purpose 2 weeks ago
Nuno Diegues 628545d229 TUN-5600: Close QUIC transports as soon as possible while respecting graceful shutdown 2 weeks ago
Nuno Diegues ead93e9f26 TUN-5551: Internally published debian artifacts are now named just cloudflared even though they are FIPS compliant 2 weeks ago
João Oliveirinha 5f380f3a54 TUN-5612: Make tls min/max version public visible 2 weeks ago
João Oliveirinha 7814e870a7 TUN-5612: Add support for specifying TLS min/max version 2 weeks ago
Nuno Diegues 7c7cf688e6 Release 2021.12.4 3 weeks ago
Nuno Diegues a39d95d5f7 TUN-5551: Show whether the binary was built for FIPS compliance 3 weeks ago
Nuno Diegues 01ad2785ee TUN-5551: Change internally published debian package to be FIPS compliant 3 weeks ago
Nuno Diegues 6822e4f8ab TUN-5482: Refactor tunnelstore client related packages for more coherent package 3 weeks ago
cthuang 834c0eaeed Release 2021.12.3 4 weeks ago
cthuang 74a3026963 TUN-5597: Log session ID when session is terminated by edge 4 weeks ago
Igor Postelnik 8445b88d3c TUN-5593: Read full packet from UDP connection, even if it exceeds MTU of the transport. When packet length is greater than the MTU of the transport, we will silently drop packets (for now). 4 weeks ago
cthuang 7a55208c61 TUN-5590: QUIC datagram max user payload is 1217 bytes 4 weeks ago
Nuno Diegues 581cfb8480 TUN-5584: Changes for release 2021.12.2 4 weeks ago
Nuno Diegues 201c462902 Release 2021.12.2 4 weeks ago
cthuang ebae7a7024 TUN-5494: Send a RPC with terminate reason to edge if the session is closed locally 1 month ago
Nuno Diegues 70e675f42c TUN-5551: Reintroduce FIPS compliance for linux amd64 now as separate binaries 2 months ago
cthuang 8f46065ab5 TUN-5570: Only log RPC server events at error level to reduce noise 1 month ago
cthuang 41b9c22216 TUN-5571: Remove redundant session manager log, it's already logged in origin/tunnel.ServeQUIC 1 month ago
Nuno Diegues 88ce63e785 Release 2021.12.1 1 month ago
Nuno Diegues 2dc5f6ec8c TUN-5549: Revert "TUN-5277: Ensure cloudflared binary is FIPS compliant on linux amd64" 1 month ago
Nuno Diegues 8d41f99f2f Release 2021.12.0 1 month ago
Nuno Diegues 173190aa79 TUN-5544: Update CHANGES.md for next release 1 month ago
cthuang 9251b3aa1f TUN-5530: Get current time from ticker 1 month ago
Nuno Diegues b0e27d1eac TUN-5504: Fix upload of packages to public repo 1 month ago
cthuang 73a265f2fc TUN-5488: Close session after it's idle for a period defined by registerUdpSession RPC 2 months ago
Nuno Diegues 9bc59bc78c TUN-5519: Adjust URL for virtual_networks endpoint to match what we will publish 1 month ago
cthuang b73c588254 TUN-5422: Define RPC to unregister session 2 months ago
João Oliveirinha 7e47667b08 TUN-5481: Create abstraction for Origin UDP Connection 2 months ago
cthuang eea3d11e40 TUN-5301: Separate datagram multiplex and session management logic from quic connection logic 2 months ago
cthuang dd32dc1364 TUN-5299: Send/receive QUIC datagram from edge and proxy to origin as UDP 2 months ago
cthuang fc2333c934 TUN-5300: Define RPC to register UDP sessions 2 months ago
Nuno Diegues 571380b3f5 TUN-5362: Adjust route ip commands to be aware of virtual networks 2 months ago
Nuno Diegues eec6b87eea TUN-5361: Commands for managing virtual networks 2 months ago
Nuno Diegues 6cc7d99e32 TUN-5441: Fix message about available protocols 2 months ago
Nuno Diegues 59bbd51065 TUN-5129: Remove `-dev` suffix when computing version and Git has uncommitted changes 2 months ago
Nuno Diegues e35f744b36 TUN-5393: Content-length is no longer a control header for non-h2mux transports 2 months ago
Silver a96d4243ba
Merge pull request #508 from bplessis/master 2 months ago
Silver d4733efb25
Merge pull request #507 from rex4539/typos 2 months ago
Yuwei B d1be558ca7 Add X-Forwarded-Host for http proxy 3 months ago