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cthuang d54c8cc745 TUN-5129: Use go 1.17 and copy .git folder to docker build to compute version 4 months ago
Adam Chalmers b87cb9aee8
TUN-4357: Bump Go to 1.16 9 months ago
Adam Chalmers 8a020d12e1 TUN-3830: Use Go 1.15.7 12 months ago
Adam Chalmers d45ca67498 TUN-3612: Upgrade to Go 1.15.6 1 year ago
Adam Chalmers 53de779a0a TUN-3544: Upgrade to Go 1.15.5 1 year ago
Adam Chalmers acd03e36e6 TUN-3465: Use Go 1.15.3 1 year ago
cthuang 1e6399c2f0 TUN-3446: Use go 1.15.2 and add a step to build cloudflared in the dev Dockerfile 1 year ago
Michael Fornaro be0514c5c9
Adding support for multi-architecture images and binaries (#184) 2 years ago
Niels Hofmans 789ca6f6f4 refactor(docker): optimize Dockerfile (#126) 2 years ago
Khaled Elkhawaga dd614881b6 Fix Docker build failure (#149) 2 years ago
Johan Bergström d3f9aa2ae7 Build a docker container 3 years ago