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João Oliveirinha fc0ecf4185 TUN-7776: Remove warp-routing flag from cloudflared 2023-09-18 10:02:56 +01:00
Silver ee87c43eb9
Merge pull request #656 from nikr-canva/http2-origins
Add Http2Origin option to force HTTP/2 origin connections
2022-06-16 12:23:07 -05:00
Igor Postelnik f2339a7244 TUN-6380: Enforce connect and keep-alive timeouts for TCP connections in both WARP routing and websocket based TCP proxy.
For WARP routing the defaults for these new settings are 5 seconds for connect timeout and 30 seconds for keep-alive timeout. These values can be configured either remotely or locally. Local config lives under "warp-routing" section in config.yaml.

For websocket-based proxy, the defaults come from originConfig settings (either global or per-service) and use the same defaults as HTTP proxying.
2022-06-14 21:36:40 +00:00
Niklas Rehfeld 7d4afd4ae0 Add Http2Origin option to force HTTP/2 origin connections
If `http2Origin` is set, it will set `ForceAttemptHTTP2` in the transport config of the `OriginService`.
2022-06-01 12:57:29 +12:00
Nuno Diegues 5e6f606f4e TUN-6293: Update yaml v3 to latest hotfix
This addresses
by updating yaml v3 to latest version.

It also stops using yaml v2 directly (we were using both v2 and v3 mixed).
We still rely on yaml v2 indirectly, via urfave cli, though.

Note that the security vulnerability does not affect v2.
2022-05-30 17:38:55 +00:00
João Oliveirinha 5352b3cf04 TUN-5801: Add custom wrapper for OriginConfig for JSON serde 2022-03-08 21:43:51 +00:00
cthuang b1edf5b96d TUN-5702: Allow to deserialize config from JSON 2022-02-04 08:47:59 +00:00
Igor Postelnik da4d0b2bae TUN-4067: Reformat code for consistent import order, grouping, and fix formatting. Added goimports target to the Makefile to make this easier in the future. 2021-03-24 10:53:29 -05:00
Igor Postelnik 39065377b5 TUN-4063: Cleanup dependencies between packages.
- Move packages the provide generic functionality (such as config) from `cmd` subtree to top level.
- Remove all dependencies on `cmd` subtree from top level packages.
- Consolidate all code dealing with token generation and transfer to a single cohesive package.
2021-03-09 14:02:59 +00:00
Renamed from cmd/cloudflared/config/configuration_test.go (Browse further)