Hardened dnscrypt-proxy module for Android.
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DNSCrypt Proxy 2 for Android

A flexible DNS proxy, with support for modern encrypted DNS protocols such as DNSCrypt v2, DNS-over-HTTPS, Anonymized DNSCrypt and ODoH (Oblivious DoH).


Pre-built binaries

Up-to-date, pre-built binaries are available for:

  • Android/arm
  • Android/arm64
  • Android/x86
  • Android/x86_64

All these binary files are downloaded from the OFFICIAL RELEASE PAGE.

Differences from the main project

  • server_names = acsacsar-ams-ipv4 [NLD], altername [RUS], ams-dnscrypt-nl [NLD], bcn-dnscrypt [ESP], d0wn-tz-ns1 [TZA], dct-ru1 [RUS], dct-ru2 [RUS], dns.watch [DEU], dnscrypt.be [BEL], dnscrypt.ca-1 [CAN], dnscrypt.ca-2 [CAN], dnscrypt.eu-nl [NLD], dnscrypt.pl [POL], dnscrypt.uk-ipv4 [GBR], gombadi-syd [AUS], meganerd [NLD], moulticast-ca-ipv4 [CAN], moulticast-de-ipv4 [DEU], moulticast-fr-ipv4 [FRA], moulticast-sg-ipv4 [SGP], moulticast-uk-ipv4 [GBR], pf-dnscrypt [CHE], plan9-dns [USA], plan9-ns2 [USA], pryv8boi [DEU], pwoss.org-dnscrypt [DEU], resolver4.dns.openinternet.io [USA], scaleway-ams [NLD], scaleway-fr [FRA], serbica [NLD], v.dnscrypt.uk-ipv4 [GBR], zackptg5-us-il-ipv4 [USA], zackptg5-us-pit-ipv4 [USA] are the resolvers in use.

  • doh_servers = false (disable servers implementing the DNS-over-HTTPS protocol)

  • require_dnssec = true (server must support DNSSEC security extension)

  • timeout = 1000 (set the max. response time of a single DNS query from 5000 to 1000 ms.)

  • blocked_query_response = 'refused' (set refused response to blocked queries)

  • log_level = 0 (set the log level of the dnscrypt-proxy.log file to very verbose, but still keep it disabled by default)

  • dnscrypt_ephemeral_keys = true (create a new, unique key for every single DNS query)

  • bootstrap_resolvers = ['', ''] (use UncensoredDNS (Anycast & Unicast) instead CloudFlare)

  • netprobe_address = '' (use UncensoredDNS (Anycast) instead CloudFlare)

  • block_ipv6 = true (immediately respond to IPv6-related queries with an empty response)

  • blocked_names_file, blocked_ips_file, allowed_names_file and allowed_ips_file options enabled. (you can now filter your web content, to know how, please refer to the official documentation or take a look at my block repository)

  • anonymized_dns feature enabled. (routes are indirect ways to reach DNSCrypt servers, each resolver has 2 relays assigned)

  • skip_incompatible = true (skip resolvers incompatible with anonymization instead of using them directly)

  • direct_cert_fallback = false (prevent direct connections through the resolvers for failed certificate retrieved via relay)


  1. Download the latest .zip file from the Releases page or from my dnscrypt-proxy-android | CHANNEL on Telegram and flash it with Magisk:
Magisk > Modules > Install from storage > dnscrypt-proxy-android-v2.*.zip
  1. Reboot your device.

  2. Test your DNS: https://dnsleaktest.com/

Configuration (post-installation)

  • You can edit the dnscrypt-proxy.toml file as you wish located on storage/emulated/0/dnscrypt-proxy path.
  • For a more detailed configuration please refer to the official documentation HERE.
  • For more support join our group at dnscrypt-proxy-android | CHAT on Telegram.