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* Music
This is just a repository of music I've transcribed and arranged (maybe
even written 👀) over the years. PDFs are not included so you'll have
to read on if you want to use any of the files here
* ~.cho~
These are [[][ChordPro]] files and must be "compiled" with the ~chordpro~
command or pasted into an online editor (if any exist).
Check [[][the documentation]] for [[][Windows]] and [[][macOS]] installation guides; I
have no idea what the best route is because I don't run either
full-time. For Linux, I recommend using the version from your
distribution's package manager. Arch Linux has it under ~chordpro~ and
Debian has it under ~chordii~.
Once installed, you can simply run ~chordpro file.cho~ and it will spit
out a nicely styled PDF in the current working directory.
** Configuration
I have no idea how to configure the application on any platform other
than Linux and that is accomplished by putting a JSON file in
~~/.config/chordpro/chordpro.json~. The following is my config and it uses
[[][JetBrains Mono]] because I find that to be a very readable typeface from
further away. You'll of course need to edit all of the values so they
fit your environment though.
#+BEGIN_SRC json
"pdf" : {
"fontdir" : ["/home/amolith/.fonts/JetBrains/"],
"fontconfig" : {
"mono" : {
"" : "JetBrainsMono-Regular.ttf",
"bold" : "JetBrainsMono-Bold.ttf",
"italic" : "JetBrainsMono-Italic.ttf",
"bolditalic" : "JetBrainsMono-Bold-Italic.ttf",
"chorus" : {
"bar" : {"width" : 1,},
"fonts" : {
"title" : { "description" : "mono bold 23", },
"chord" : { "description" : "mono bold 13", },
"text" : { "description" : "mono 13", },
"comment" : { "description" : "mono 13", },
These are [[][LilyPond]] files! LilyPond is /much/ more complicated than
ChordPro and will require some getting used to. I recommend just reading
through their official docs if you want to get set up and compile
anything found here.
If you're using Emacs and ~LilyPond.el~, you can simply run ~C-c C-c RET~ to
compile the PDF then ~C-c C-s~ to view it. If you /want/ to use Emacs and
~LilyPond.el~, you can reference [[][the related section of my Emacs config