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blank X 9577df8069
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 3 weeks ago
Alex 8ec321ddaf
Merge pull request #1221 from Anakael/pr/anakael/add-name-to-taskbar 4 weeks ago
Alex 0e3be30e01
Merge pull request #1352 from fhost/fhost/inhibitor-man 1 month ago
Alexis Cellier 795246263f man: Add waybar-inhibitor man page 1 month ago
Alex 89a8bd976e
Merge pull request #1337 from 187Qrly/patch-1 1 month ago
Alex 9b399ea2bb
Merge pull request #1334 from bd-g/master 1 month ago
Alex 9608e0dabf
Merge pull request #1341 from fhost/fhost/logind 1 month ago
Alex 1d1cfda90d
Merge pull request #1289 from aashu/master 1 month ago
aashu ad20c0af2d
Merge branch 'master' into master 1 month ago
Alexis Cellier eae65099d0 Add logind feature, with its 'inhibitor' module 2 months ago
Alex 39f42cdd7e
Merge pull request #1338 from jfred9/master 1 month ago
John Fredriksson f573e32d0b bar: Fix crash when unplugging HDMI 2 months ago
187Qrly 5cbbd65ac4
Add Gentoo 2 months ago
Brent George 2240c79b1a Adjust max wifi strength that is possible 2 months ago
Alex 9e8a71c4ef
Merge pull request #1277 from dartkron/master 2 months ago
Alex 7069429c03
Merge pull request #1229 from kraftwerk28/sway-language-country-flag 2 months ago
Alex d41a60d2d9
Merge pull request #1244 from alebastr/swaybar-ipc 2 months ago
Alex 05f7727dae
Merge branch 'master' into swaybar-ipc 2 months ago
Alex 9bc6fae15b
Merge pull request #1331 from xytovl/per-device-pulse-icon 2 months ago
Patrick Nicolas 9dac851f6d Allow sink in addition to source for pulse icon 2 months ago
Alex b6e24bd527
Merge pull request #1305 from njoyard/feat/groups 2 months ago
Aleksei Bavshin b6d0a4b63f
feat(bar): allow customization of bar modes 2 months ago
Aleksei Bavshin cf5ddb2a5e
fix(swaybar-ipc): avoid unnecessary copy of struct swaybar_config 2 months ago
Aleksei Bavshin 4b5dc1bb3a
test: count copies and moves done by SafeSignal 2 months ago
Alex 22ff26252b
Merge pull request #1328 from Anakael/pr/anakael/experimental-flag 2 months ago
Alex a832814b41
Merge pull request #1329 from m-bdf/patch-1 2 months ago
dmitry 2fb671f5fa Revert protocol build 2 months ago
dmitry 3c2fa1625d Finish 2 months ago
Maëlys Bras de fer d5112678c3
mediaplayer.py: Exit properly on SIGPIPE 2 months ago
Nicolas Joyard 0c18e57937 add group feature 3 months ago
Aleksei Bavshin b4e19678b7
ci: increase FreeBSD VM memory to 2048MB 2 months ago
Aleksei Bavshin 8fe42ebd2e
doc: update `exclusive` and `passthrough` defaults 2 months ago
kraftwerk28 89afa8e149 Checking if emoji byte doesn't get out of bounds 2 months ago
kraftwerk28 59040c53e4 Move definition to .cpp 5 months ago
kraftwerk28 02560a6537 Update manpage 5 months ago
kraftwerk28 0472d279e4 Add {flag} format replacement 2 months ago
dmitry 166504256a Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Alexays/Waybar into pr/anakael/add-name-to-taskbar 2 months ago
Aleksei Bavshin 2290fe10aa
fix(bar): handle ipc connection errors. 2 months ago
Alex 9fa7bfc0cb
Merge pull request #720 from jbeich/disk 2 months ago
Alex 6712cd05a3
Merge branch 'master' into disk 2 months ago
Alex 977d21b5f6
Merge pull request #805 from Anakael/workspace-manager-implementation 2 months ago
Alex 0a4841371b
Merge branch 'master' into workspace-manager-implementation 2 months ago
Alex deab028e52
Merge pull request #1325 from Alexays/revert-1256-patch-1 2 months ago
Alex c51a973d60
Revert "dont escape essid in tooltip" 2 months ago
Alex 5a5f8c3b9f
Merge pull request #1256 from WuerfelDev/patch-1 2 months ago
Alex b1dc3005b7
Merge pull request #1294 from Anakael/pr/anakael/ignore-by-title 2 months ago
dmitry 98f7a10a51 Fix sort 2 months ago
dmitry 23991b6543 Finish 2 months ago
Alex 331dfa87da
Merge pull request #1230 from ciarand/if-changes-isolate 2 months ago
Alex 29a8f52464
Merge pull request #1322 from alebastr/freebsd-ci-update 2 months ago